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  1. Many Thanks Dh42 !



    But for bandwidth latency this company have the server farm in Europe?


    Anyway The price don't is the multiply of $20 but ten times higher and also more at month with minimum offer VPS (O_0)

    We have VPS spin ups in Amsterdam. We regularly participate and contribute to core. Our VPS's are fully managed. Any setting you want will be accommodated. But things like compiling and configuring Xdebug would be at our regular IT rate of $85/hr Ask retro on skype how he likes his vps service with our company.


    President of StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc.

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  2. sweet, that is what I am talking about. :)


    I am planning a fresh V1.7.1 with this stack:


    - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    - SSL

    - PHP7

    - (e)NGINx /w Apache

    - Percona Server or MariaDB  - most likely Percona Server

    - HHVM (Hip-Hop Virtual Machine)

    - Varnish

    - Memcached or Redis (Didn't see any stable Redis module so probably going with Memcached)

    - Rijndael with mcrypt

    - OPcache

    - Cloudflare

    - Server Side Minification (https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/MinifyResources)


    Your thoughts?


    Check out http://xtendweb.gnusys.net/index.html if you run cPanel on it. I think you could also do it without the CP installed. Not sure?

  3. Bash commands to fix file and folder permissions recursively from web root [ /home/username/public_html or /var/www/httpd/:

    find . -type f -exec chmod 0644 () \;
    find . -type d -exec chmod 0755 () \;

    Post your /etc/.my.cnf and apache configuration and physical memory installed. Also copy and paste the command 

    free -h
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  4. After you have registered for this module; downloaded the module zip file and installed it. Point your browser to https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator. Submit the URL of one of your product detail pages. It will validate Summary Card With Large Image. Then, all subsequent tweets from your domain having the necessary hidden markup that this module provides, will display any tweet from any customer clicking twitter share from your website as a very large image share with the product title, description and price.

  5. Many of you have installed the free twitter product card module that no longer is accepted by Twitter. StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc. has created a new module that extends PrestaShop's default Summary Card with Summary Card WIth Large Image. It really makes a difference. It creates a new image profile type with a specific image dimension for Twitter Social sharing. It also inserts the product price into the Twitter Share Title and includes Image Alt Text for the impaired.


    It links you to your Twitter Card Analytics and provides the ability to use a custom image for homepage shares. Registration is required. Providing inaccurate or misleading information will prevent order fulfillment. https://goo.gl/PfV7iq




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  6. Hi


    I tried the official module of Google Analytics but this module don't get any products, (any of them in the transactions) and it's the first time that something like this happen



    Navigate to advanced parameters => configuration. Post your store version, PHP version, MySQL Version and browser name and version plus your computer operating system. Basic information when troubleshooting. You should also take screenshots of your ecommerce analytics area on Google Analytics.

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