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  1. We have VPS spin ups in Amsterdam. We regularly participate and contribute to core. Our VPS's are fully managed. Any setting you want will be accommodated. But things like compiling and configuring Xdebug would be at our regular IT rate of $85/hr Ask retro on skype how he likes his vps service with our company. President of StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc.
  2. Was that a private message to someone else? Can you post the link here for the $9/mo plan?
  3. Check out http://xtendweb.gnusys.net/index.html if you run cPanel on it. I think you could also do it without the CP installed. Not sure?
  4. Had similar slow modules load page until I found "Connect to UPS: 'Handling fee' must be configured to use this module correctly." bug that caused the modules screen to load slow. Bug reported in 2014 and never fixed.
  5. /themes/default-bootstrap/product.tpl Other than that, you need to hire a theme developer.
  6. pinit.js is already loaded in the theme header. Remove the script call from the body.
  7. Alright. Found the problem. The folder name is wrong. If you have a zip program that can rename folders in the zip file and save it, rename the folder in the zipfile to twittercard. If not, log back into our portal and redownload again.
  8. How did you install? Did you upload the zip file to the modules folder and select "ADD new module"?
  9. Unique URLs that point to the same page needs rel=canonical. Do a smarty boolean and if combo exists, switch schema from product to https://schema.org/SomeProducts as they are similar as the main product but with different, unique product id, sku, ean-13, upc etc.
  10. This pull / patch should fix your save and stay issue while editing products. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/blob/1.6.1.x/admin-dev/themes/default/template/controllers/products/helpers/form/form.tpl#L252-L254 Just remove: submitHandler: function(form) { form.submit(); },
  11. I'm interested in feedback from customers who have registered for my module. Would you share screenshots of your twitter engagement and social conversions?
  12. StackOverflow Answer: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7739870/increase-max-execution-time-for-php
  13. Contact your webhost. I think PHP is timing out before the sitemap is generated. That or you are exceeding your allocated memory allotment.
  14. Try https://winscp.net/eng/download.php comes with Putty for SSH login. I assume you know how to create SSH keys?
  15. Bash commands to fix file and folder permissions recursively from web root [ /home/username/public_html or /var/www/httpd/: find . -type f -exec chmod 0644 () \; find . -type d -exec chmod 0755 () \; Post your /etc/.my.cnf and apache configuration and physical memory installed. Also copy and paste the command free -h
  16. If PS admits the findings they are legally liable. Of course they are not going to admit liability. Seek out an intellectual property lawyer?
  17. A proficient developer would take merely a few minutes to add in the correct smarty variables to your theme. Why are you expecting developers to solve your problems without compensation?
  18. You really should not insert MFG name into the meta data. IF your theme has microdata, display MFG name onto the page and mark that up under product schema. Consult with a developer for hire.
  19. After you have registered for this module; downloaded the module zip file and installed it. Point your browser to https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator. Submit the URL of one of your product detail pages. It will validate Summary Card With Large Image. Then, all subsequent tweets from your domain having the necessary hidden markup that this module provides, will display any tweet from any customer clicking twitter share from your website as a very large image share with the product title, description and price.
  20. Short description should be kept short. 170 characters at maximum. The short description is used in default-bootstrap as the schema product description. Google and Bing will only show 160 ~ 170 characters on mobile devices. Use the long description as it was intended. You can place images and longer paragraphs.
  21. Many of you have installed the free twitter product card module that no longer is accepted by Twitter. StrikeHawk eCommerce, Inc. has created a new module that extends PrestaShop's default Summary Card with Summary Card WIth Large Image. It really makes a difference. It creates a new image profile type with a specific image dimension for Twitter Social sharing. It also inserts the product price into the Twitter Share Title and includes Image Alt Text for the impaired. It links you to your Twitter Card Analytics and provides the ability to use a custom image for homepage shares. Registration is required. Providing inaccurate or misleading information will prevent order fulfillment. https://goo.gl/PfV7iq
  22. Navigate to advanced parameters => configuration. Post your store version, PHP version, MySQL Version and browser name and version plus your computer operating system. Basic information when troubleshooting. You should also take screenshots of your ecommerce analytics area on Google Analytics.
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