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  1. Thanks for Autoload tip that's cool and useful but it still won't solve my problem of making sure that my styles load as the last stylesheet after everything else added by modules and other controllers. How does ccc work ? Is there anyway we can add a css file to the end of css array right before ccc starts combining the css files ? Any hook or something ?
  2. Ok for other people who think they have this issue it's not an issue it's just bad presentation but tax is correct. If you go to back office>Groups>Visitors(or other groups) and change the price to show tax "Excluded" it will show the way you expect it to show.
  3. Same Problem here. did you figure it out ? nobody answered after 3 years ? lol
  4. Thanks for the answer. well i think that's a prestashop problem but who am i to judge So how to add scripts and stylesheets with modules ? and make sure they load after everything else or in order that you want ?
  5. Hello, How to properly add javaScripts and styles in prestashop ? I want to add a stylesheet that loads after everything else ? how can i do that ? I know i can go to header.tpl file and add it after {if isset($css_files)} ... {/if} But this way it won't be included in ccc compiled stylesheet. same with script files ? I think the most basic thing for theme development is being able to load your desired scripts and stylesheets where you need them and in order you need them but i didn't find anything about this on documentation ? Am i missing something too obvious ?
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