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  1. I have been loading products onto a new site (Prestashop 8 - PHP 8.0) up until last night and everything was working perfectly. This morning, although products can be loaded, combinations can be created, etc it does not save the image file for the product. The image is uploaded, but once uploaded it cannot be selected (no options to make it the cover image, etc). When the product is saved, the image is not saved. I have a few symfony errors (85 listed in total) in the logs when debug mode is on - it would only make sense if Symfony was updated last night and I did not do any updates. - User Deprecated: You are calling "form_widget" for field "categories" which has already been rendered before, trying to render fields which were already rendered is deprecated since Symfony 4.2 and will throw an exception in 5.0 - User Deprecated: The "PrestaShopBundle\Service\Hook\HookEvent" class extends "Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Event" that is deprecated since Symfony 4.3, use "Symfony\Contracts\EventDispatcher\Event" instead - User Deprecated: You are calling "form_row" for field "cost_price" which has already been rendered before, trying to render fields which were already rendered is deprecated since Symfony 4.2 and will throw an exception in 5.0. There are additional errors in the logs on the server: - Attempted to call function "mime_content_type" from namespace "PrestaShop\\PrestaShop\\Core\\Module\\SourceHandler" - Unable to guess the MIME type as no guessers are available (have you enabled the php_fileinfo extension? I think the MIME is a Sympfony error too? And I have since ticked the fileinfo extension in my PHP configuration on the server. Would any of these errors affect the saving of images on the product page? Does anyone know how to resolve or do I need to add more info? Thank you An update: I realised this morning that modules were also giving an error when trying to update them - an undefined error. I changed the PHP version to 7.4 and it seems to have resolved the image challenge, as well as the module update challenge. It has not changed any of the symfony errors, but hoping this is a core problem and will be fixed in the next update?
  2. Is it possible to receive some assistance with configuring a module please? When the module is disabled, cart functions correctly. When the module is enabled, cart doesn't load correctly and payment options don't show. With debug mode on, the error returned is: Notice: Trying to get property 'id_customer' of non-object in /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/payfast/payfast.php on line 478 Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getOrderTotal() on null in /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/payfast/payfast.php:483 Stack trace: #0 /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/payfast/payfast.php(466): PayFast->getCardPaymentOption() #1 /home/xxxxx/public_html/classes/Hook.php(968): PayFast->hookPaymentOptions(Array) #2 /home/xxxxx/public_html/classes/Hook.php(407): HookCore::coreCallHook(Object(PayFast), 'hookPaymentOpti...', Array) #3 /home/xxxxx/public_html/classes/Hook.php(903): HookCore::callHookOn(Object(PayFast), 'paymentOptions', Array) #4 /home/xxxxx/public_html/src/Adapter/HookManager.php(81): HookCore::exec('paymentOptions', Array, NULL, true, true, false, NULL) #5 /home/xxxxxpublic_html/src/PrestaShopBundle/Service/Hook/HookFinder.php(70): PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Adapter\HookManager->exec('paymentOptions', Array, NULL, true) #6 /home/xxxxx/public_html/classes/checkout/PaymentOptionsFinder.php(56): PrestaShopBundle\Service\Hook\HookFinder->find() #7 /home/xxxxx/public_html/cl in /home/xxxxx/public_html/modules/payfast/payfast.php on line 483 Thank you
  3. I'd like to find out if its possible to set Prestashop to show the including price for EVERYONE who logs into the site - regardless of location please. I've searched many threads and followed the advice on many of them, but on certain browsers, the products still show as excluding. None that I've found give advice on only one setting for everyone. I have set my visitors price as the including VAT price, so all visitors see the correct price regardless. It causes confusion when customers login and a product is, for example, R100 (showing as tax incl, because that's how its been set) but its actually the excluding price. The when the product is added to the cart, its R115 as 15% VAT has been added on. Its not consistent though - sometimes it shows including, sometimes it shows excluding - its seems its dependent on the browser used. I use Edge - yesterday everything showed correctly, now today its showing excluding prices after login. I've known Chrome to show the prices excluding in the past. I have to run through all the settings almost on a daily basis to correct what customers see. At times its difficult to convince customers why there are differences in the price. We do not sell out of South African borders, so all our sales need to be inclusive of 15% VAT. This is what I've double-checked so far: Customer Groups - set to show inclusive price Localization - Localization - Set Language from Browser - NO - Set default Country from Browser Language - NO - Default Country is South Africa Localization - Tax Rules set to 15% Localization - Tax set to 15% Is there a permanent setting I can change, or code I can add, to force the including VAT price to show for everyone that logs in, regardless of which browser they are using, or where their server is?
  4. Thank you, thank you Knowband Plugins. I didn't see that under General. All issues resolved. Green lock showing in address bar instead of the warning. Login working, order placed. Back in business :). Thank you so much!!
  5. Please see screenshot below - is this the correct screen? I activated the https:// recently - I notice everything is popping up with mixed content - I believe the images are still http://. I just haven't found yet where to change it. Could this be causing the issue?
  6. Thank you so much for your help Knowband Plugins, this fixed worked. The error no longer appears on the debug screen. I have tried a few screens, and still no errors. Products are accessible and can be added to cart. There is still an error on signing in though - is this also related to the sql as well? I activated the console on Chrome and have added the screenshot below. This is a test domain, as our live site is still on the old server until we can test the process and be sure it is working.
  7. Hi, We're on version 16.1.1. I have added images below. I've checked 1-click upgrade - I can upgrade to 17.4.2.
  8. Our hosting company is updating their server. Our site works on the old server, but not on the new one. Our Prestashop version is 1.6, the hosting company says the old server is running on sql 5.6 and the new server is runs on sql 5.7. Is there a patch that can be installed to run Prestashop 1.6 on sql 5.7? I found this post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/493398-mysql-57-causes-error-when-ps-try-to-insert-date-as-0000-00-00-000000/ but the change could not be applied. There is no sql config file under the etc/ directory. Any idea where the code should be inserted?
  9. [I figured it out... it was a quick fix thankfully... Added allow_url_fopen = on into my php.ini file Haven't tested everything, but looks like cart is working again. Anyone know what this code is used for please?] This 'solution' was not the solution, unfortunately. Turns out the website had resolved to the old server. So still have the above problem.
  10. Hi there, Please could someone assist. I'm not an expert on Prestashop, but I've managed to keep my shop running for a few years on the basics, and the help supplied in this forum. The issues today seem to be a slightly higher grade, and I am a bit lost. I am unsure if all the following issues are related (I'm hoping they are), perhaps there is a simple fix that I can apply? Everything seemed fine yesterday and today it feels like the site is almost at a standstill. I switch between Chrome and Firefox, as certain things work better on one than the other, but now both are going nowhere. I was busy with an order yesterday from my backoffice. Although I did not complete the order, I did add the required products in the required quantities. The order is usually saved as an abandoned cart, and I'm able to continue with it at a later stage. I went in this morning to complete the order, by selecting the abandoned cart for the customer which now has a zero value (it showed the value of the order yesterday). The cart does not load and I am unable to add the products on the order screen in the backend in order to complete the order. After selecting the product and quantity, and clicking on add to cart, the Preston icon in the top left of the screen spins, but no change is applied. The cart remains empty - products are not added. I visited the forums and found a topic that suggested I clear the cache, which I did - and still no change. So right now I am unable to process orders from the backend. I also checked under Customers => Shopping Carts and ALL of these have a 0 value - including those that were converted into orders (which is also not normal). I thought of processing the order on my profile from the front end by logging in as a customer, and then adding the customer's details for the delivery and invoice addresses. I can't sign into the front end. Login information is accepted, but loops back to the login page. (This means that none of my customers are able to sign in either - eek!!). So I tried another angle. I searched for the product to add to cart so that I could add to the cart first, and perhaps log in on completion of the order. The search does not pick up the product. The page shows Showing 1 - 18 of 43 items, but no products are displayed. It does show the page numbers as well, so that I can click through to see products 19 - 36, but still no products show. Also, my cart stays empty even if I try to add products and then when I click to view cart, its blank. Products do show under certain categories, but some categories don't show any products when they should. (Example page still shows that 63 products are listed under the category, even though no products are listed). I activated the console by using F12 in both Firefox and Chrome. ON FIREFOX, it shows TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null and also Blocked loading mixed active content “http://www.simplyeverything.co.za/index.php?controller=statistics” as the errors., IN CHROME, the error shows as Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeAttribute' of null. The googling I've done on these errors means very little to me, as I don't understand javascript and am not sure which files I would have to amend. The mixed active content made me think of the enabling of https, which I enabled about a week ago - but since all images should still have the error of http:// instead of https://, it does not explain why some products would show under categories, and others not. I did not change anything in the settings of the site yesterday - I only worked to catch up on admin and orders. My hosting company did do a server upgrade yesterday - I thought this might be the issue. They re-imported the site to the new server again this morning, after my complaint. No change. Even resolving my domain to the previous server does not change anything. The error log in my cpanel does not show any errors, except for the denys on IP addresses that I've blocked. If anyone has experienced this issue, or is able to help, it would be greatly appreciated :). Thank you. PS... wasn't sure if any additional information would be required - please let me know if I need to supply details. Thanks
  11. Hi there, I use Prestashop for my online store, everything was working perfectly until yesterday. I am not an expert user on Prestashop, but have found it easy enough to do the installation and maintain the site - I do have a little help from a web developer, but he does not know Prestashop well. Most problems are resolved by googling and going through forums, but I am stuck on this one. I am still on version My shoppers are not able to add products to their cart - it says that it is impossible to add products to the cart. It does however, still add the product to the cart, after another product is selected. I have read up on a few of the forum topics and see that most have to do with: - memory allocated, which we've checked and is fine - paypal and payment gateways - I do not use paypal - there was an mbstring error on the config settings page, which we changed, but the error remains. Please find a screenshot of the error attached. Can anyone assist please and let me know things I can check? Or if additional information is required to check. Thanks!!
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