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  1. They work do work except for the site map and contact us. I switched back to the NEW database that was made with the fresh install and everything seems to work now. I had a back-up from another database that I was using that had all my information that I wanted. Everything worked with the old one except site map and contact us.
  2. I have a fresh install of version 1.4.3 For some reason the links for sitemap and contact us does not work. When clicked it just takes me to the home page. What can I do to fix this? Thanx Dale
  3. I am getting errors on my orders from paypal. Verification failure (using cURL). Returned: cURL error:GnuTLS recv error (-9): A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.The PayPal transaction could not be VERIFIED. I am currently using version Everything was working fine yesterday and I have not made any changes either. I did a test purchase myself. It showed everything working fine and said it was a success. The payment is in paypal but comes up an error in prestashop. Dale
  4. Is there anyone that can help me out on this. I am still stuck!
  5. I am testing out version 1.4.6. On the USPS shipping module I am lost on how to configure this out and make it work. I have gone under the general settings and set my user id, packaging size(regular) and type(variable), service type(priority and machinable(yes). Is there any thing else I am supposed to do? As of right now the module is not working for me. My user id is active and works on the production server USPS. I have tested the the user id with another software that I use. Thank you Dale
  6. That really stinks! How do we go about letting the developers know about this?
  7. My site has dowloadable products that offer pdf,jpg and other formats available for one product. I want to be able to offer each one seprately under one product. In Zencart I was able to do this by having the each formar as a attribrute and each attribute had its own download file. I am using version right now. Also if this version does not how about the new version 1.4? Dale
  8. How can I move the Contact, Sitemap and bookmark to the center of the page?
  9. Where did you get your theme from? Is it available to purchase because I really like it. Dale
  10. Pay Pal is not communicating with your shop. You need to use the pay pal api module or change a setting in pay pal itself. Go into your Pay Pal account and click on profile, instant payment notification preferences, edit settings, type in your notification url ( http://www.aero-files.com/shop/ipn_main_handler.php ) and then turn on Receive IPN messages (Enabled) then save. This is actually part of the api set-up but it does work this way. This is the way I use it so customers dont need a Pay Pal account to use.
  11. Well I fixed it.....I think. I put the website with the ssl into the root directory of the server instead of a folder. Then I also moved the other website out of the root directory. Seems to be working with out any errors. Dale Thank you for the help
  12. Rocky I tried your solution and it sort of works. 'base_dir_ssl' => $protocol_link.((Configuration::get('PS_SSL_ENABLED') OR (isset($_SERVER['HTTPS']) AND strtolower($_SERVER['HTTPS']) == 'on')) ? 'firedkm.fatcow.com/sterling/' : $server_host).__PS_BASE_URI__, If you look at the code and you will notice I have a directory after my shared ssl name. When I activate the ssl in prestashop and go into the login page. It takes me to my other website in the root directory. What can we do to stop this from happening???
  13. I have managed to change the "cheque" module to show checks and money orders in everything except in the history.php When you look at a customer history in the front office under the payment area it shows "Cheque". I want to to have that say "Check". Where can I do this? I looked through all the php and tpl files under the cheque module. That is were I actually changed everything. Then I discovered the translation tab would have worked also! Please help! I have version 1.3.1 Dale
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