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  1. Is anyone aware of an operations manual or guide that's been written and available for backend users? Users as in sales people and managers, rather than site developers. If not, we might start putting one together as a collaborative effort (although we have changed our backend a little from standard).
  2. Resource Limit Is Reached I am now having the same problem. In over ten years with ZenCart (same number of products and categories), I had never had this problem. Not once. My original thought was to redevelop with Magento, but I was persuaded that Prestashop was LIGHTER on resources, leaner and faster. The site is on a lightly-loaded business grade VPS: SAS RAID Disk Space - 60 GB Monthly Data Transfer - 1,000 GB Dedicated DDR3 Memory - 2 GB Dedicated CPU Cores- 4 Cores
  3. Flgarags ... There's an excellent free (at the moment) module for this; http://sites.google.com/site/phrasespot/home/modules Put your original file back in and use the above; works a treat.
  4. Not happening on PS v1.4.6.2 ... response after manual upload is "Cannot install module." Could be a great mod!
  5. Sadly, still presenting a blank page on validation.php for me. (PS v1.2.6.2) and the versioning is a little confusing. I grabbed the latest file above and installed it says; Order Reservation v0.4 by Lady Red
  6. I just had them migrate our zencart to prestashop, after trying the migration tool for sale in the addon section, which did not work as advertised. The Cart2cart migration was fast and painless. The images did not migrate initially, however their 'engineers' manually moved them over without a hitch. It was an excellent service I would use again without hesitation - and their support is very (and I mean very) proactive to ensure it all goes to plan. PS: We moved some 13500 customers, 600+ products and just shy of 16000 orders.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I'm using PS and it installs fine. Once I hit the module at checkout though, I get a white screen on the next step; modules/reserveorder/validation.php
  8. Thanks for sharing that; will take a good look. Much appreciated.
  9. Yep, thanks for that, saw those on my first exposure to Prestashop. Perhaps I should have highlighted "best" with bolding.
  10. G'day folks ... So. Looking for some inspiration and common-sense in design and features. Which sites have inspired you to create a great online store? Question. Which are the best examples of Prestashop in action already on the web? Would appreciate some input.
  11. It looks like you may have sandbox mode ticked, unclick that to read inactive - not active - and the problem should disappear. Sandbox mode (tests): Active Inactive I had the same problem and needed a few more coffees to find it :-).
  12. Has anyone used these people? Having been burned by Templatemonster and less than impressed by the 'service' at Prestashopic, I'd be keen to read some reaction. Their themes for Prestashop are significantly more than the same theme/s in magento (same theme).
  13. Same here. When a new release is announced, a step-by-step upgrade guide would be helpful. At the same time, rather than weeks later?
  14. Just upgraded to PS v1.4.5.1 and re-installed - works like charm! Thanks again!
  15. Be warned this module adds an author's tab across the top of your admin page, taking up tab real estate. Otherwise it worls OK on PS and and I think it would be OK. I've deleted it though because of that 'annoyware' issue.
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