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  1. Hi Prestashop people Does somebody know how set up handling cost per weight? So for example from 1-8kg handling costs would be 1€, from 8-16kg would be 2€ and so on. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I want exactly the same as @KevinFreeborn asked in this forum post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/338719-changing-the-paypal-logo-in-prestashop-16/ @papandorrah gave him an answer: change src="location for new image" Which location do I put here and how? I have replaced new image in /modules/paypal/img/logos (GB_horizontal_solution_PP) Thanks!
  3. Hi! Is there any module to have free PDF ebook on homepage? To give a freebie for potential customers email address, for building newsletter list. Like suggest in this blog post under "1. Give Your Audience a Strong Reason to Subscribe" https://wp-ecommerce.net/11-insanely-effective-ways-build-email-list-2805
  4. I have found a solution. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/241755-solved-cash-on-delivery-confirm-order-returns-blank-page/
  5. Actually I have found out that all my ordering process does not work properly any more. If in BO under "Orders" I want to open one old invoice same thing happens as above. Page just go blank. I can not download invoice or open any of old invoices any more. Also if there is an order and paid with PayPal, Paypal charges normally but from Paypal site instead of going to confirmation page customer is redirected to blank page and nothing happens. Also there is no "Confirmation email" in customer inbox. Under "Orders" in BO invoice is created but again same story - blank page. If I go to "Orders" - "Invoices" and "Generate PDF files by status" I also can not download file because it's written "Failed - Server problem" (attachment3). And before everything was working fine. I am not aware that I would do anything. I only installed Presto-Changeo shipping module. Please help because it's urgent! I have orders waiting but can not process them.
  6. Hi! I have created new order status "Bank transfer OK" that when I receive money to bank account I can change "Awaiting bank wire payment" to this new status. I have set up status as paid, create invoice and send email to customer with payment template... (attachment1) When I actually change order status in BO, page starts loading and goes blank (attachment2) and that's it. If I refresh or go back status is actually changed and invoice created. But if I click on invoice button, page again goes blank and nothing happens. As well their is no email in customer email account. Any idea?
  7. I see now how it's working. Now I have set it up correctly. Thanks for info!
  8. Hi! After purchase I would like to send just one email to customer. Confirmation email is send automatically and that's OK. I would like to add just PDF invoice as attachment to this email. I can not find it anywhere in "Orders" - "Statuses"? Where can I manage that? Tnx!
  9. i have applied an issues to http://forge.prestashop.com/ I will let you know if they find a solution. Thx for help anyway.
  10. Hi! I have put logo through "Preferences" - "Themes" - "Invoice and email logos" I did not change anything else.
  11. Hi! One strange thing happened. I was testing how email system works in Prestashop with confirmation email and so on. Everything worked fine but suddenly I just got one email where logo is in attachment. Actually after placing order I get two emails (image1). "Order confirmation" email works normally with logo on top (image2). Second email "Awaiting bank wire payment" has logo in attachment (image3). It's the same with "Canceled" email or "Your new password" email in my email client (image4). I have tried to change logo image in BO with PNG format but it's the same. I am not aware that I would do anything. Any idea?
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