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  1. I am sorry can someone help me with this!! i am new to PS and have no clue how to do that!!! thank you
  2. Hello everyone. I bought the advanced top menu module but it doesnt work. no matter what changes and categories i add in the BO i dont see changes in the front office.... anyone can help?
  3. Hey there i just bought this module. is it working fine for you? i'm having a lot of problems with the groups section, cant seem to select any of the groups
  4. Hi Vekia is there any way i can have them lined up in a row without coding? =(
  5. Hi.... before i had the facebook like box at the bottom next to other custom blocks (3 custom blocks in a row) now for some reasonthe facebook like box appears on a custom block and the other custom blocks appear under it and not on the same row... can someone help me please?
  6. Olá a todos... não sei se alguém me pode ajudar: Na minha loja online, para além de vender produtos, também damos cursos de aprendizagem. é possivel criar um registo para o cliente registar-se online no cursos especifico que escolheu? estava a pensar criar uma categoria: CURSOS e dentro dessa categoria ter os vários cursos que damos com as datas.... como posso fazer com que o cliente se registe online para um curso especifico? obrigada
  7. the block is under "popular products" the type of block is: new products 1.6 version http://ewhonline.com/pt/
  8. Vekia... I am still waiting for you to answer my question please.. whenever i create a block, the images of the products dont appear in that block.... thank you
  9. Hi is there a way to remove those blocks through the back office? I dont know much about programming
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