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  1. Je possede un compte marchand et j' ai un module Moneybookers que j' utilise déja avec un site qui n' est pas sous prestashop, donc je sais précisément comment ça fonctionne . D' ou ma question ci dessus. Moneybookers accepte plus de 17 mode de paiement en paiement direct ou paiement sec dont Visa,Mastercard Electron, Ideal, Giropay, sans que le client n' ouvre de compte Moneybookers (contrairement a Paypal). (Le paiement par CB est instantané, et sur votre compte en 2 minutes) Sur votre module il n' y a que transfert bancaire d' activé, normalement suivant le pays d' origine du client, devrait défiler au moins Visa, Mastercard. Je recherche ce genre de module Moneybookers, Avant de vendre un module à 15 euros il y à 2 mois et à 25 euros maintenant : " Il faut comprendre D’ABORD comment moneybookers marche" D' ou la question de certain sur le forum en anglais qui veulent des infos sur ce module
  2. Bonjour, je suis également interessé mais le module ne fonctionne pas, le seul moyen de paiement accepté sur l' interface de Moneybookers est le transfert bancaire ? J' ai fais plusieurs essais
  3. I agree with the point of view of Alzuman. Presta is wait and see all the time, you can not make business. plus a very low communicate, you never know what's happen, and a piece of arogance since presta grow up. I decide to make the wait and leave. it' s a shame because I am a newbee and make my hand with first presta since february, but the complain we find now will be the same in 2 months. That's not a professional way of thinking to stay here, if you want to make money. Today I try magento sound more difficult to understand it take 1 hour and half to install it. (Presta 10 minuts) But sounds very professional. I prefer take 2 full weeks to understand mag... but after I' m sure to have a strong solution. A disapointed newbee
  4. Voici le lien pour resoudre le problème http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/3343/general_discussion/resolved_increase_the_amount_of_tags_in_the_tags_module
  5. For sure, the bug tracker was empty but it is full and grow up day after day , without the french community who do not report their bug, they do not speak english. The V1 sounds like the RC5, but the difference V1 should be for start business, isn't it ? Why are you so in hurry to give us these V1. I never understand since I use prestashop in april, the way of thinking, and where you want exactly to go, seems not clear for me.
  6. Ca sent du french kick off une fois la version dites "stable"??? Pour résumer la communauté francophone a été d'un grand secours pour les reports de bugs, les tests j'usqu' à l' aube de cette version. Quelle élégance, bravo.
  7. V1 stable is worse than the last release. Is this because summer holiday is coming ?? Is there a trick
  8. Hello, I have delated the module, and canceled my 2 checkout account, so you do not need to take time for my problem. I have to tell you that I have nothing against you or about your module of 2CO. I loose a lot of hours with them on the chat live and they wasn't able to help me. I got a frogs headacke to try to understand. Their back office is crasy if you haven' t an english or spanish lenguage. I used Paypal since many years and we can not compare. I will keep PP, but I would like an alternative of it. I have see some post from you talking about the Google Checkout module. I think if you have time to spend these module is more greatfull than 2CO. Best regards, have a good week end. zzz :-)
  9. J' ai besoin de modifier le texte des emails, donc à l' aide de kompozer je fais mes changements sur les emails en html, mais lorsque je teste en envoyant les nouveaux emails, à tout les coups le logo se retrouve en piece jointe et n' est pas intégré dans l' email lors de la réception. Si j' ajoute ne serait ce qu un mot, idem Il y a t'il une manip à faire. Ou faut il integrer une image fixe pour le logo.
  10. I have stop my 2 checkout account. This is a really bad payment platform. Don' t take it, for sure
  11. I' m not in demo, and my account could buy and sale and my account is ok I have put the link on 2CO : Approved URL Input a url for your customers to be sent to on a successful purchase : http://www.mywebsite.com/modules/checkout/validation.php. mywebsite is for sample The problem is after the payment with paypal or credit card, I go back to 2co page billing information, with the button go to next step and if I click I arrive to my website : with the sentence I have alredy use the card. But the payment is made : and the order is not validate on the website. Looks like the same problem with the old bug of the paypal module which working now.
  12. Hello the return payment is not working, if you pay with Paypal or with a credit card. The link of return validation give the sentence : you have already use the card. So this is for me a bad idea to use it and I do not integraye on my website anymore. I' m not talking about the module but about 2checkout.
  13. Is this possible to cancel the step : click to confirm the order on prestashop. I don' t think so this is very useful.
  14. Ah ok, I was the first, great. Have a good week end.
  15. Hi again, I 'm waiting you V0.4, and don 't worry, I will be still here monday :-) The code you give me, where I have to integrate it (the ...{counter assign=i}....) ? I will add the link you give to the 2CO admin.for the return Thanks again for all your helpfull
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