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  1. This image is of my theme on my pc. Notice how the categories bar spreads out, and that hovering enables a drop down menu. This image is of my website while mobile (i have tried disabling the light mobile version, but it makes no difference). While mobile the categories menu is inoperable. I'm assuming its supposed to also be a drop down menu, but clicking anywhere on it does nothing. Is there a way to fix this, or at least get rid of it on mobile?
  2. The block at the top of my homepage does not operate. Only from mobile or tablets instead of displaying my categories, it simply says categories and does nothing when pressed. I CAN tell my customers that there is navigation at the bottom of the page, but what of those I never interact with. How do I get this category button to display all my categories when pressed? In a drop down menu just like the cart underneath it.
  3. shop = www.gameigloo.com prestashop version = paypal module version 1.3.8 what else do you need?
  4. while using my store customers (all of them) were having issues purchasing orders over $35 error code 10413 would pop up (shown) The culprit? paypal express ( answer given by forum) , i disabled express checkout option this sovled the issue , but created even more now i dont get notifications of orders, carts, or changes in inventory (only paypal funds) whats going on!
  5. cleared cache in both chrome and firefox. still receiving this error i can see your cart, 3 items. why cant i do the same? i dont want a customer to have this issue
  6. idk what frot office is but the website im creating is www.cardigloo.com
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