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  1. Hi, We are experiencing a very slow loading, when we are loading the orders page in the backoffice. No other pages i slow loading. We are currently having around 250k orders and growing with a almost 500-700 per day. I started debugging the sql statment, but can't seem to find the bottle neck. If I remove the New client and I got the loading down from 10 seconds to 5 seconds (But still slow) I have tested the sql statement both in production(Shared hosting), my own computer and a vps (Digital ocean). Anybody who has a idea, what I can try next? We are currently running prestashop 1.6.7
  2. Hi, We have created some custom pages, where we are forced to run a lot of sql statements. The data can be cached for a couple of days or untill we clear the cache. My prolem is it don't store the cache. Everytime the funciton Cache::isStored returns false. $cache_id = "test"; if (Cache::isStored($cache_id)) { /// Query data Cache::store($cache_id, $data); } $data = Cache::retrieve($cache_id); echo json_encode($data); I think I uses the cache function wrong. But I can seem to find any documentation for it.
  3. Hi, I'm having problem with my ModuleFrontController can't be translated. My code: echo "<p>".$this->module->l("Test translate", 'order')."</p>"; exit(); But I can't edit the string in backoffice. I have tried uninstall and install the module without any success.
  4. Thank you. This solution works well !
  5. Hi, Does anyone know how to fix the following bug A customer buy a product for 200$ and has a discount code for 20$. So the customer ends up paying 180$ for the product. In the backoffice under the order prestashop displays the order total to bee 200$. But it's actually 180$ dollers. I have attachet a image, with the bug display the order in the backoffice. On the image the prices are in DKK
  6. Hi, I have a shop where we sell music. We add a product feature to a product. I would like to enable my customers to filter by this feature on all categories. I tried using the BlockLayered. But it only works on 1 category, at a time. I'm a developer so i'm able to modify the diffrent modules.
  7. Hi, After long time away from Prestashop development, I'm starting to develop webshops for our customer. I just installed the new version of Prestashop and started creating my new theme. I install compass and the modules compiling sass files. But found out when I make any changes it takes between 3 to 5 minutes before the sass files are compiled and ready. I normally uses gulp to compile my sass files with and that takes round 1-2 seconds to finished compile many sass files. Any idea what to do here? I made a copy of the default theme. I edit the font-family in the _theme_variables.scss compiled the files. And nothing changed. So I started looking into the files, and it seems the theme uses the variable "$font-family-base" instead of "$font-family" why doesnt the theme variables matches the bootstrap variables?
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