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  1. you must STUDY both the classes and functionalities
  2. Because that form is controlled by a ContactController.php and Contact.php which initialize all the variables used by smarty You could create a form by your own, either calling these classes or creating one from scratch <form action="contatto.php" method="POST"> <input name="oggetto" /> <input name="testo" /> <button type="submit" value="Invia" /> </form> and a file contatto.php : <?php $oggetto = $_POST['oggetto']; $testo= $_POST['testo']; mail("[email protected]",$oggetto,$testo); ?>
  3. Information: I read the function Link->getPageLink and all the operations is doing is: $controller = Tools::strReplaceFirst('.php', '', $controller); so it returns $controller which will be "Cart.php". But Why I can't read the $_POST fields? where do I am wrong doing this: $this->altezza = $_POST['altezza']; $this->larghezza = Tools::getValue("larghezza"); where in the cart form of the product: <label>{l s='Base (cm)'}</label> <input type="text" name="altezza" id="altezza" class="text" /> <label>{l s='Altezza (cm)'}</label> <input type="text" name="larghezza" id="larghezza" class="text"/>
  4. At line 270 there's a div element with this tag: <!-- pb-right-column--> this is the right column with all the information about the product. You must jump this div adding another one next to it, which will contain your email form. Ciao
  5. In product.tpl,I have to send some information (textfield) of the product form to the Cart.php, but it seems that the $_POST variable (or Tools::getValue) is empty, so I think that the php file is another. The "action" attribute of product.tpl is $link->getPageLink('cart') but actually, I don't know the exact php file. Do you know which php file is?
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