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  1. Hi guys, Any easy way to get clients original (external) referer ? $smarty.server.HTTP_REFERER changes with internal ones...
  2. Is it possible to make ld-json markup work under in an tpl? I´ve tried with and without literal without succes.
  3. Is there any way to display loyalty points into top nav ? I think the var is totalPoints but for some reason it displays only in some pages (my loyalty points), not in the home page. Thanks alot for your help!
  4. Any way to make a 301 through .htaccess from {id}-{rewrite} to {rewrite}-{id} ? Google its trying to access products with id before rewrite and my page its {rewrite}-{id}. Thaaanks alot!
  5. I would contact him but i know he won´t do a thing. I had some problems at first, when i bought the template and he gave me a hard time solving problems. Any change you can take a peek at the js ? Thanks alot. product.js
  6. I have a problem with the price in the product page, when the product has combinations and there's a client group discount applied. In the product list the price its ok, meanwhile in the product page the price changes (javascript) into a wrong one (without group discount | i suppose it's the product.js involved). Iºve tried all fixes and none worked, i've tried changing product.js with another one (default-theme one) and it throws me an error. "group_reduction is not defined" I'm on a presta with organie3 theme... Any help is appreciated!
  7. I need to display a message in the popup blockcart (only if the product´s manufacturer is one of wich i choose). Is there any manufacturer variable that i can use in blockcart.tpl ? The popup i'm talking about is this one: Thanks for helping guys.
  8. Is there any way to pass the product manufacturer id (manufacturer of the product that its added to the cart) to the blockcart.tpl (ajax-cart?). Ps 1.6. Thanks
  9. For some reason the cart button won´t appear in product list for products with negative stock but with "Allow out of stock order" activated. I think is $product->out_of_stock that has to be equal to 1 but in product list that variable ain´t available. How can i pass that variable to product-list.tpl ? Thanks alot. Ps
  10. Hey guys i need some help tweaking this one out: I have some cart rules that trigger when the cart total gets to 30€ another one at 50 € (no code in the cart rule) , that gives the customer a gift). i need to prevent trigerring those cart rules when the cart CONTAINS a special product (i have 3 categories that are not allowed to offer gifts). Any way to make that ? ps
  11. Hi guys, Every shop with 1.6 version works awfully slow in the backend. Ive tried disabling non native modules and overrides, no change at all. Various ps 1.6 diferrent shops affected, so its something widespread. Any problem out there ?
  12. Hey guys , i know theres a better way of checking a products default category , right now im using : {if $product->id_category_default == 38 || $product->id_category_default == 107 || $product->id_category_default == 89 || $product->id_category_default == 106 || $product->id_category_default == 172 || $product->id_category_default == 174 || $product->id_category_default == 153 || $product->id_category_default == 156 || $product->id_category_default == 29 || $product->id_category_default == 35 || $product->id_category_default == 135 || $product->id_category_default == 165 || $product->id_category_default == 166 || $product->id_category_default == 155 || $product->id_category_default == 167 || $product->id_category_default == 173 || $product->id_category_default == 157 || $product->id_category_default == 158 || $product->id_category_default == 105 || $product->id_category_default == 30 || $product->id_category_default == 159 || $product->id_category_default == 42 || $product->id_category_default == 65 || $product->id_category_default == 39} it works , but i don't think its a good option. i've tried : {assign var=categoriaceptada value=[38,107,89,106,172,174,153,156,29,35,135,165,166,155,167,173,157,158,105,30,159,42,65,39,63]} {if $product->id_category_default == is_array($categoriaceptada)} do something bla bla {/if} but it doesn't work.
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