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  1. Hi! I'm using the module official of GA version 2.3.4 in a prestashop But I have a lot of discrepancy in the data. Example In a month *Prestashop 194 Transactions *GA 210 Transactions If I check only a day *30/10/2016 --> GA --> 13 transactions *30/10/2016 --> Prestashop--> 14 transactions Prestashop transacctions from 5760 to 5773 Analytics 5760 to 5773 except 5762 and 5768 and also 5745 (but this want was on 29/10/2016) The transaction 5762 just enter me now (on 31/10/2016) but this transaction was on 30/10/2016 09:09:49 Any idea what it's going on?
  2. Hi Store version: Server informatuon: Linux #1 SMP Debian 3.16.7-ckt25-2+deb8u3 (2016-07-02) x86_64 Web server version: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian) PHP Version; 5.6.23-0+deb8u1 Mempry Limit: 1024M Max execution time: 0 I navigate weith windows 7 browser chrome Versión 51.0.2704.103 m What else do you need? It works everything excep transactionsI have all the shopping behaviour analysis except transactions Any help? Thanks! I
  3. Hi I tried the official module of Google Analytics but this module don't get any products, (any of them in the transactions) and it's the first time that something like this happen Could be by the template? Any Idea how to solve it? Will the module http://addons.prestashop.com/es/18623-premium-google-analytics-enhanced-ecommerce.html fix it? Thanks!
  4. jspcat

    Paypal Mistake

    Make sure that you have the cron in your server hope it works!
  5. Hola Cuando se hace un pago por tarjeta tarda mucho en redireccionar a la página confirmacion-pedido y ademas no es ni obligatorio ir a la página de la tienda por lo que puedo perder registro de transacciones en Google Analytics Alguna idea como solventarlo? Gracias!
  6. jspcat

    Paypal Mistake

    Hi everyone Do you know why I have this mistake when I buy for paypal? Please try to contact the merchant: <b>PayPal response:</b> SILOVER -> name=LIVE5.APIT.1&silo_version=880&app=appdispatcher_apit&TIME=1579175767&HTTP_X_PP_AZ_LOCATOR=slcb.slc; Expires TIMESTAMP -> 2016-06-01T17:50:22Z Thanks
  7. Buenos dias En los productos de mi catálogo muchos de ellos tienen combinaciones (tallas por ejemplo) y cada talla un precio Sin embargo en la ficha de mi producto me aparece un precio anterior (tachado) y un precio actual (el que he puesto) Ambos precios son diferentes el tachado es un 50% superior o 55% o 60%, no sigue un partron Sin embargo yo no tengo ninguna regla de descuento o similar Si pongo el precio en el apartado precio me sale igual dos precios (uno tachado y otro no) pero ambos precios son el mismo Alguna idea de que puede estar pasando? No debería salir precio actual y anterior a no ser que haya precio específico con algun tipo de descuento o similar Gracias
  8. Hola, Funciona correctamente y ademas esta incluido por duplicado. Te sigue sin funcionar?
  9. Hola He instalado el modulo por defecto de Google Analytics y he configurado el ecommercer mejorado, sin embargo parece que algunas transacciones se pierden en Google Analytics Alguien se ha encontrado con este problema? Gracias!
  10. Yes I finally did it! This was the problem And now I see the payment like this I want to thank you a lot for all the help! Best regards!
  11. I attach you more screenshoot Countries Currencies groups Thanks
  12. Hi Thanks a lot for the answer, I have this both activate. Should I activate something else? Thanks
  13. Can you please tell me what i'm doing wrong? Payment Modules Module Payment by check Module Bank Wire Thanks
  14. I did it but it's still not working as you see in the image
  15. Hi I have a test prestashop and I want to arrive to the end of the process without any real payment It just for test analytics How can I do that? Thanks!
  16. Nobody knows about that? Did I do ok without activate nothing? What is the function of this addon? What about the coupons? Thanks!
  17. Hi, I have a web with prestashop and I install de basic module of Google Analytics In google Analytics I have activated in the configuration the enhanced ecommerce My questions are: 1. I'm receiving the the transactions so I saw that I have to do nothing in prestashop for configure the enhanced ecommerce 2. I also have installed (but not activated) the module http://addons.prestashop.com/es/analytics-estadisticas-prestashop-modulos/18623-premium-google-analytics-enhanced-ecommerce.html Do I need to activate this module? Which is the improvement because I'm already receiving data 3, If I want to configure por exemple the coupons how Can I do that? Because I know how to do it by code but in this case I didn't touch any code Thanks Best regards
  18. And if you want to install Enhanced ecommer with tag manager wich module shoud I use?
  19. Hi Thanks for the answer What do you mean about has nothing to do?
  20. Hi I'm migrating my ecommerce to prestashop. Un my previous ecommerce I had tagged the enhanced ecommerce with google tag mánager If with my prestashop I add this modulehttp://addons.prestashop.com/es/analytics-estadisticas-prestashop-modulos/18623-premium-google-analytics-enhanced-ecommerce.html Will it be compatible with tag mánager? Thanks!
  21. Hi everyone Do you know any module that allow me to implement enhanced ecommerce of google analytics Thanks Best regards,
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