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  1. Thanks for sharing. Is the business good?
  2. Can someone kindly paste the code of' Canonical hostname redirect which let all the other domain redirect to my site'? Thanks.
  3. Hello, I learnt that to prevent website stolen by mirror sites, can add some 301 redirect code in htacess file. I know the code for redirect http://www.example.com to http://example.com. But what are the codes to prevent mirror sites and redirect those mirror sites back to you own site? As this thread shows: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/46460-solvedsite-copied-and-hacked-by-chinese-company/page__gopid__595240#entry595240 Thanks.
  4. Hi Abilas, Do you mean it's a mistake made by hosting company? What exactly is it? Can you let me know? I'm having the same problem here. Thanks in advance. Clau
  5. Yes, you are really good! :-) Without your help, I don't know when I can figure out what has caused the strange problem by myself. Learnt something again. Thanks and Best regards Clau
  6. To: cd2500 Wow, that's... Learning from your experience, here is what I plan to do. I will wait for the final version for Prestashop1.4. I install it and make all the changes again which I have done over version 1.3. That will surely take lots of time but better than wasting time trying to upgrade. Start it all over again! Fortunately I kept notes for all the changes I made. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience which is very helpful.
  7. I just deleted it and now the homepage seems ok: no more 'it works' and all the images and elements display normally. Thank you all for your great help.
  8. 'It works!' is the index.html file in the root folder of my shop. When I ran on local server, these words never show and the homepage displays. I did copy the Prestashop files in root. When I install the Prestashop newly from scratch on my domain, there is no problem. But when I move the modified files from my localhost, only 'it works' can be seen. It's like the index.html file is not linked to php and database etc? And I just found I can enter backoffice without any problem! So why the front office only shows 'it works'?
  9. To: cd2500 Your information and advice greatly appreciated. Yes, I will have to do it in this way.
  10. I followed all these steps, but when I visit my domain, I only see ' it works!' What can possiblly cause this?
  11. darn! is rock on vacation?? so many errors... now i get parse error. it's really awful to upgrade if you have modified core files!
  12. Hi Rocky, Can you pls help. I read several of your posts which are closely related with the problems I had. That's why I ask you. Thanks.
  13. Hello Rocky, I'm trying to upgrade from V1.3 to V1.4RC 1) I got this message : Fatal error: Class 'ObjectModel' not found in E:\xampplite\htdocs\prestanew\classes\Configuration.php on line 29 What to do to solve the problem? 2) I have made lots of changes to files in V1.3. I copied most of the changed files to V1.4 folder, maybe still missing some. How to override so I don't need to copy these changed files? 3) I also changed blockvariouslinks.tpl, but V1.4 doesn't have this module. What should I do? 4) I’m about to upload from localhost to remote server, and I want to upgrade to V1.4 mainly for URL management feature, because I have already removed the complicated order steps of V1.3 ( but not one page checkout yet). I’m not sure if it’s worthy of the troubles? Thanks in advance and best regards, Clau
  14. Thanks Saach, I will try that. I'm very grately all my questions got an answer at the forum, every time. Seems that I got lucky since I found Prestashop. Previously I was stuck with some lousy Chinese non -open source software and it was terrible!
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