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  1. Maybe I'm not explaining myself well enough, or I'm missing something. There are 36 toppings with options for up to four of them. The toppings vary in price depending on the four pizza sizes you can purchase and there also extras offered for the crust. All added together, there are too many combinations. The page crashes when I attempt it and I've read there's a maximum number of combinations allowed. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Are you suggesting choosing a large pizza as a product and then additional topping as an extra product?
  2. I would love to use attributes and combinations, unfortunately my requirements exceed the amount allowed. That's why I was thinking of how I can get around it and this is all I can think. I don't need combinations for 36 ingredients, as they are all the same price. I just need the value, but unfortunately you can't do this!
  3. Hi all, I'm a newbie to Prestashop and I want to make a couple of adaptations to it, I just need some advice. My client is a pizza takeaway and I have purchased a theme which saves me having to make one! The plan is, when you choose a pizza, you can choose a number of toppings as add ons. I want to make a combination with a drop down box with a "yes" and "no" option. A "no option won't affect the price but a "yes" will. On choosing "yes", this reveals another drop down box with choices for the topping. I would like to make 4 additional topping options. My question is, to add this to my product page, can I/do I have to make a new module to do this, or do I edit the product template? I don't want it to appear for every product so I need to be able to choose whether this appears on a page or not. A second question is, using PHP to create the appearing drop down boxes, how will it all appear on the mobile version of the site? Thanks in advance
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