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  1. I would gladly do that, but honestly I have no clue. I started by deleting, not only deactivating, all zones except Europe, and it didn t worked, than I deleted all countries except Romania, and it didn t worked, than I deleted all states except Romanian onces and no results too. From here I dont know when it started to work because I stoped checking after each step I did. I checked again each step in Preferences, than in Local settings. Maybe there in Local settings-Currencies I changed something in the Formatting, Decimals I am not sure but could it be that ? Now it is working, I even tried with two carriers and they both appear in carriers list and I can choose from them. I do not know what caused the malfunction because I instaled the shop reading the documentation http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/English+documentation and folowing each step as described there, including setting up carriers, zones, countries etc. I still have a few minor problems but I will open a new topic. So, I am sorry I cannot help with more informations, and thanks again for your help.
  2. Rezolvat! Am reusit in sfarsit chiar in aceasta seara. Nu stiu ce a fost, dar la zone-tari-judete nu avea cum sa fie gresit, pentru ca am sters toate zonele in afara de Europa si toate tarile in afara de Romania si toate judetele in afara de cele romanesti si tot nu a functionat. Undeva in alta parte a fost problema.
  3. Finaly solved it. Now its working. Thanks again for your help. Regards.
  4. I have deleted all the carriers and costumers, checked again the zones and countries settings, created a new account, put something in shoping cart, tried to check out and... same result. No carrier available. What is to be done? As I mentioned, I am not a programmer nor a web designer and I have spent a lot of time with this project, and now I am stuck in this point, This is becoming frustrating.
  5. Unfortunately for me I have no programing knowledge bus as I see this must be from carriers module which I instaled ( FAN Courier). But I had this problem before I instaled it. Infact this vas the reason I instaled the module, to see if this will make a difference. Obviously did not. Now I uninstaled this module and even erased it, but I still have no result. And I have never seen this error message which appears in the script ”Comanda nu a fost procesata de catre FAN Courier....Va rugam sa corectati datele de livrare” which can be translated as ”The order was not processed by FAN Courier... Please correct the delivery informations” As I mentioned before, I only want a simple delivery tax calculation something like 20 RON for orders up to 500 lei and free delivery for orders above 500 lei.
  6. Site url: http://www.magazingradinasipadure.ro For the moment I activated the site, but since is not operational yet I would like to keep it on maintenance mode. So please let me know if you had time to take a look, or if you consider let me have your IP to put it on maintenance mode. Thanks.
  7. I verified again all settings, and theyr seam to be OK. Then i tried to asign a new adress to an existing account, and when I wanted to make it the default adress for delivery I have got an error message, as seen in the attachement. I get a similar error message when i try to change the qty. of products in shoping cart. What can it be?
  8. They are 0. I tried to change them but no result too, so I put them back to 0. Thanks.
  9. I have activated Europe in Zones, and deleted all other zones. In countries I have activated only my country, since I have no intention to target costumers from other countries. As for carriers I have tried to create a new carrier using the wizard, following the Prestashop users guide. In step 2 I tried both of biling behaviors, according to price or weight, only for Europe zone. For instance a range between 0 and 40 kg= a 30 curency fee. In step 3, 0 for all values for dimensions and all clients groups cheked. I have instaled a carrier module for presta, and also tried to configure a pick up in store carrier, free of charge. Same result: No carrier available for this addres. Deleted the addres, added a new one, deleted the account, created a new one with a diferent addres. No results. In shipping preferences handling charges 0, free shiping starts at 500 free shipping starts at 0 kg. Default carrier tried all of them, sort by price, order by ascending. In products page-shipping I have not selected any carrier and left 0 for all dimension and weight and additional shipping fee . But I tried with a couple of products to asign a specific carrier. Nothing. I have a theme instaled could it be a theme bug ?
  10. I have the same problem. No matter what I do I have the same rezult: no carrier available for this adress. Help please! Thanks.
  11. A problem I have noticed is that I cannot increase or decrease the quantity of a product in shoping cart. It shows me this error message: TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save update quantity Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: parsererror Help please! Thanks.
  12. Incercat dar tot nu merge. Merci oricum. La tine merge, milo? M-am impotmolit. In mod sigur ceva nu am facut bine da nu stiu ce. Nu are nimeni nici un sfat? Sau aveti dar nu-s gratuite?
  13. Inca nu. Am incercat in fel si chip si tot asa-i. Nici nu prea am avut timp in ultima vreme sa ma ocup de site. Daca reusesc ceva te anunt. Zi-mi si tu te rog daca ii dai de capat. Succes.
  14. Incerc sa configurez manual un curier dar orice as face, cand incerc sa finalizez o comanda, la pasul 2: metode pentru livrare, imi zice ca nu este nici un curier disponibil. Am descarcat si instalat modulul de la Fancurier (nu am inca contract cu ei, dar am vrut sa vad cum functioneaza ), si acelasi rezultat. Nu stiu unde gresesc, dar sigur gresesc undeva . Va rog sa ma ajutati. Pentru inceput vreau sa lucrez cu Posta Romana, si sa pun un pret fix pentru transport la comenzi de pana la o anumita valoare, si gratuit peste acea valoare. Va multumesc!
  15. Am descoperit o noua problema. Am indrodus o reducere de pret la produse si din aceasta cauza la afisarea rezumatului cosului, in coloana cu pretul unitar, se afiseaza pretul vechi, reducerea procentuala si pretul nou, ceea ce face ca aceasta coloana sa se largeasca foarte mult. Din aceasta cauza ultima coloana nu mai incape si nici ultimele cifre de la TVA, Total, etc. de sub tabel. Cum se poate remedia? In imagine am pus intentionat preturi cu mai multe cifre pentru a se observa mai usor despre ce-i vorba.
  16. Bună, Am ceva probleme pe care vă rog sa ma ajutați să le remediez, dacă se poate. La crearea unui cont nou se cere și titlu( Mr., Mrs.), și data nașterii. Aș vrea să scot aceste cerințe. Mai este și căsuța de bifat cu ” primeste oferte speciale de la partenerii nostri”. Nu le cosider necesare si as vrea sa le fac sa dispară. Și mai am o problemă. Dacă scriu cu diacritice acestea sunt scrise cu un alt font decât restul caracterelor. Asta cum se poate rezolva? Vă rog sfaturi pe ”băbește” pentru că nu-s web designer sau programator, da mă străduiesc. Vă mulțumesc!
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