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  1. Thank you very much. I hope that a release of update will be soon.
  2. Hello, I have really annoying bug. My products are enable to save. It's quite weird cause sometimes I'm able to save them by using "save and stay" button. Please check video screen of product card (saving): (save and stay) I updated presta to, clear caches, clear database. I do not know what else it could be cause of. Thank you for your time. Richard
  3. To jsem z toho jelen, velikost a barvu máš jako "vlastnosti" nebo jako "atributy"?
  4. Hello, In the order are missing attributes which were chosen by customer during buying goods. I can not figured out for example combination of color, size and so on, which customer chose. Can you help me, please? In an attachement is a screenshot of order, where it suppose to be more chosen attributes.
  5. Zdravím, zjistil jsem, že když si zákazník nakliká atributy (http://www.wooden.land/cs/panske/42-ate-grande-olivovnik.html), tak pak v objednávce vidím pouze ten defaultní. Prošel jsem pár diskuzí a narazil jsem na tento problém jen u presta 1.5; Doufal jsem, že 1.6 už tento problém nemá. Předem děkuji za jakýkoli nápad.
  6. Hi, please can you tell me, how to edit this script? (theme/default/bootstrap/js/product.js) line 251 if (!isNaN(currentVal) && currentVal < quantityAvailableT) { $('input[name=+fieldName+]').val(currentVal + 1).trigger('keyup'); var total = (productPrice * (currentVal + 1)); var total = total.toFixed(2); $('p.our_price_display').fadeOut(); $('span#our_price_display').text(total + ' ' + currencySign) $('p.our_price_display').fadeIn(); } else { $('input[name=+fieldName+]').val(quantityAvailableT); } line 269 replace if (!isNaN(currentVal) && currentVal > 1) { $('input[name=+fieldName+]').val(currentVal - 1).trigger('keyup'); var total = (productPrice * (currentVal - 1)); var total = total.toFixed(2); $('p.our_price_display').fadeOut(); $('span#our_price_display').text(total + ' ' + currencySign) $('p.our_price_display').fadeIn(); } else { $('input[name=+fieldName+]').val(1); } To show total price, which works. That skrit works only in case when I don´t use "unit price". As you can see in attachement, there should be price "190,0 Kč" but there is a price which is set up as default. When you add it into shopping card and check it, there is right price, so I hope that there is value which can display correct price. Please can you help me to solve that? Thank you very much. http://eshop.bohemiahair.cz/index.php?id_product=47&controller=product#/delka_pramenu-56_60_cm/struktura_vlasu-rovne
  7. Hi, on my eshop I would like to show price which is for any unit. http://eshop.bohemiahair.cz/index.php?id_product=47&controller=product&live_configurator_token=b2be1175a24e43b05e5bd02fcbaa22f7&id_shop=1&id_employee=1&theme=&theme_font= for example here I tried to set up "price per unit", it works....but it is literally price, but I need only word "per unit". It should b be easy to edit any code for display "per unit", but "units" of my shop are not same. For example kg, lb, pcs...and so on. So can I somehow set up "price per unit", but without "price" only text "per pcs, per kg, per..." I hope that anyone will understand me. Have a nice day. Richard
  8. Hi, I´installed new prestashop 1.6, I found free template called Ikon, it´s seemed to me as a nice theme. After first installation websites works well as live demo. I could click on "quick view" it openned nice popup. Now? I have no choice to click on "quick-view" button. In detail of product was litle thumbnails when I clicked on them there were lightbox with bigger image of product, now is opening new page-list with image. There is also blank facebook box. If i installed that template for the first time and it would be broken, I choose another template, but now I know that template was working but after reinstallation to new clear Prestashop 1.6 it doesn´t work. I find some information in a forum but it was only about allowing "quickview" in a configuration of template, but it still doesn´t work. Thank you for help
  9. Hi, I had contacted my host provider and they told me that it´s caused by settings of host server. But thank you for the support. Have a nice day
  10. Hi, I installed a version from prestashop.com sites, upload that to my file server and it is still don´t work properly. Please tell me how can I install it automatically? Is it possible to my hosting which is not provided by prestashop, cause I saw that Prestashop offers some host services. Thank you, Richard
  11. Hi, I downloaded last version of prestashop 1.6, I suppose. Do you have some trustable version? I have to admit that I had to downloaded it I don´t know where, cause I couldn´t sign into prestashop.com for downloading their version. I unzipped that file, and copied to my file-server. After that I upload new template called ikon, but I think that it should not affect caches. "Automated installer" is that mean that I opened my websites and use installation manager? Is that right? Richard
  12. Hi, I have a trouble with back-office. I use for CMS Jooomla 2.5/3.x. Now I need to create e-shop so I decided to create it in Prestashop, after one week I really like that system BUT there is really annoing feature - cache. I understand it when is e-shop complete, but now I have to fill it by products and so on. For example I create new product: write name, quantity...and so on. Save it. But I remember that I fortgot to fill a combination, so I come back to editting of product and create new combination. In the same time product form keeps only name of product, but whole others form items became default - quantity: 0; price: 0....it is really annoing and exhausting. I have to refresh pages all the time. I tried to switch off cache in performance settings, but Presta still save caches I don´t know where. I´m use to work with Joomla and there is no similar strange feature like this, please can you help me? I´m not really sure if it is allowed at this forum but I could even provide you my admin access if somebody would like to try it. Thank you, Richard
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