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  1. PS 1.6 Where do I place the file translations/en/errors.php to override it, either in my theme or in the overrides folder? I'm getting a 404 error when trying to save edits to the Error Messages translation in the backoffice. That's another problem, but to avoid it, I'd like to manually copy and edit the file so that it won't get overwritten during my next PS upgrade.
  2. PS I'm using a module to set a minimum order threshold for new customers. When they place their first order I want them moved from the New Customers Group to the Customers group, where the threshold will no longer apply for subsequent orders. How can I change a customer group like this? Seems like it should be easy with a little code? I suppose I could do a cron job database query nightly to update their group, but I was hoping to use a function and hook.
  3. PS I'm using the Paypal Standard module. I tried contacting the author but no response. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/payment-card-wallet/22786-paypal-standard.html On Jan 12th I began receiving emails for every order paid by Paypal, as below. After some time I noticed that the Paypal orders were created in PS even when the paypal payment was not completed, I'm guessing because the IPN functionality was broken. I had been using this module for a couple years before this problem suddenly happened. In the paypal developer dashboard I verified that I have the right client Id and secret and live return URL.
  4. I'm already using this module, enabled on all possible pages. Not helping. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/28831-captcha-google-recaptcha-pro-anti-fake-accounts.html
  5. I am facing an army of bots registering with company name "google". A simple way to block these particular bots for now is to block anyone registering with that company name. How can I do this? PS 1.6
  6. PS 1.6 I have noticed that all of the hundreds of spam registrations I get per day, which recaptcha does not block, have a URL including "www" in the Last Name field. How can I block registrations that have that? Seems like it should be fairly simple to do with a little code? I found a page here on this topic, but it's full of tons of code and I don't understand which pieces I need to use. I can understand PHP fairly well, but this is a lot of code that people are pasting up there. https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/13607/files
  7. Is there a reCAPTCHA module that works with 1.6? I paid $60 for this and didn't notice it wasn't doing anything at all until after my support expired. I configured it properly. I tried both the v2 and "invisible" captcha, whatever that means. I assumed they meant v3 so I tried keys for that. I'm getting hundreds of porn spam bot customer accounts per day. When I have the v2 configured I see the catpcha box show up everywhere but it isn't helping. The bots are getting in. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-security-access/28831-captcha-google-recaptcha-pro-anti-fake-accounts.html
  8. I'm having this same kind of issue. I need to insert script tags in the content in the backoffice, but I get 403 errors every time I try, with all modules. I've tried upgrading the tinymce editor as directed for PS 1.6, and it did upgrade it, but it didn't fix the 403 errors.
  9. PS 1.6 I get a 403 forbidden error every time I try to insert a script tag in a field in the backoffice. I need to insert it into an html field in my PS theme module for the homepage, to load my lead capture form. <script type="text/javascript" src="https://app.getresponse.com/view_webform_v2.js?u=xxxxxxxxxxxx&webforms_id=xxxxxxxx"></script> I've tried using htmlanywhere and got a 403 error every time I tried saving after inserting it. I've also tried using phpmyadmin and mywebsql, which both hang when I try to update the fields with it. Inserting other html in all places works fine. How the heck do I get javascript inserted??
  10. I get this error email from several cron job GET commands that call PHP maintenance scripts for PS modules. I get this error for both urls that are specified as http and https. My htaccess redirects everything to https though. Is this something I should tell my web host to fix? I'm on shared hosting. They just restored from a major crash, and this error only began after the restore. When I enter the urls from the GET commands directly in my browser, I think the commands execute fine, or at least they finish in a moment with no output.
  11. Any solution to this? I'm looking for the exact same thing.
  12. PS 1.6 Has anyone found a smooth solution go accepting Visa gift cards? I frequently have customers who have, say, a $100 gift card they want to apply to an order of $500, and pay the remaining $400 with their credit card via the authorize.net module. So far I've had to take their payments by emailing them two separate invoices, for $100 and $400, through authorize.net, or taking their info over the phone and entering the transactions manually in the virtual terminal, and then converting their shopping cart to an order. That's too time consuming for me. I'd like something that the customer can do all himself. Perhaps a module to use two payment methods? That certainly would complicate things. Maybe I need to offer gift certificates for this purpose, so that they can buy one for $100 and use it as a voucher towards their order?
  13. PS 1.6 I need an abandoned cart module. I've messaged the authors of six different modules in the Addons store, and we're having serious translation problems. They all either aren't understanding my questions, or I'm not understanding their answers in broken English, or they aren't responding. Most of the standard features are fine. I just need two things: 1. It won't keep sending abandoned cart emails every week to a given customer if he visits the store each week. The last module I bought would keep sending the series of emails every time a customer visits. It should send the emails only ONCE, or at least no more than once every x months. 2. It can generate a unique coupon code for each customer, with an expiration date of 1 week. Are there any modules that meet these 2 requirements?
  14. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/other-payment-methods/24738-bitcoin-accept-bitcoins-directly-into-your-wallet.html I haven't gotten a response from the author. The Bitcoin payment page does not include sales tax in the total. It's using the pre-tax total. Any idea what I would look for to change?
  15. This works for me, but has anyone created a trigger for this? I'm not familiar with that but would like to run those queries that Prestashop Fanatic detailed above at any time a coupon code is created. I can do a daily cron job but it's best to do it right away on a trigger instead.
  16. What is the purpose of product tags? Does it affect the on-site search? Should I be adding tags to products with extra keywords I want it to come up for that I wasn't able to use in the description? Is there any other use for tags? I read the docs here but it doesn't say much. http://doc.prestashop.com/display/PS16/Managing+Tags
  17. PS 1.6 I'm trying to add the variable {id_order} to order confirmation emails. In the Payment Accepted email sent at the same time it works fine. The variable name is showing in the order confirmation email instead of the value. I have tried following the instructions here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/372654-how-to-add-id_order-on-emailorder-conf/ The instructions are to add a line to the data array in override/classes/PaymentModule.php so that it reads: $data = array( '{firstname}' => $this->context->customer->firstname, '{lastname}' => $this->context->customer->lastname, '{email}' => $this->context->customer->email, '{id_order}' => $order->id, This doesn't work. I have forced recompile and cleared cache. I had this working for a year, until recently a module screwed up my files and I had to reset everything and did not have backups. I took notes on changes, and my notes were that the above was the ONLY change I had to do, and yet it isn't working.
  18. PS 1.6 I need to be able to print customer orders from the admin in a layout that is customer-friendly, without all the extraneous stuff like Messages, Shipping, Documents, etc. I have copied /myadminfolder/themes/default/template/controllers/orders/helpers/view/view.tpl to /override/controllers/admin/templates/helpers/view/view.tpl But the file has no effect. Is this the wrong override location?
  19. The payment page is badly formatted. See my screenshot. The amount is partially hidden by the graphic and turned into a floating point number, 8.243E-5 BTC, instead of the correct decimal number.
  20. Regarding the native GA module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/analytics-statistics/4168-ganalytics.html Is there a way to remove the quotation marks around the product names that it creates f or the ecommerce product performance report? The product name shows up in the GA report with the quotation marks around it, so they must be added somewhere twice or where it's not needed.
  21. Does anyone have a way to do this in 1.6? I looked at the module linked a few posts above but you have to jump between creating new additional categories on the module page and the normal Edit Category page. I want to edit both descriptions on the existing Edit Category page.
  22. Any plans to do this? I have deactivated the Bitcoin payment method for now because this is turning into such a problem. Several customers clicked Bitcoin out of curiosity, just as I expected, and had to fill their shopping carts again to pay by cc.
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