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  1. Thank you it's working great! I probably should of tried something like that in the first place. I managed to get the quantity box working after looking at the guides again. So the next task is making a width attribute box appear on the product list.
  2. So I have created a prestashop site and have managed to follow guides and customize it close to what im wanting. However there are a few things I wanted added on to the site. Website Link: http://www.boxmaster.co.uk/ 1. Quantity Box: I would like to have the quantity box appear on all the product lists. I have followed some guides however it came out not functional with only the visual side being there. Maybe it was the older version of prestashop which caused the guide not to work or just something I missed out. http://www.boxmaster.co.uk/58-single-wall-boxes 2. Text Area Width On all product list page (http://www.boxmaster.co.uk/58-single-wall-boxes) for example, I want the text area to be bigger and reduce the size of the image widths column. After looking at some of the code in the global.css it looks like all 3 columns reference one class. Meaning they are split 33.333% each. I would like to change the percentages to 25%, 50% and 25%. 3. Unit Prices Another feature I want added is having the unit price being displayed on all product list pages. This one is not as crucial but it would be nice to have it. 4. Attributes Again like all the other requests its on the product page list and I'm wanting attributes in this case a width attribute to be displayed on the product. So users can select the width without going on the individual page. Of course I only want this to display if the product has this option. If anyone can help that would be great! Just to note I have attempted at trying to find a solution myself and have followed things with success on somethings though with these I have not been so lucky.
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