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  1. Is the admin account you are using is a super admin? May be your role does not have permission for "Preferences"
  2. I have created a module and registered hook hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier, i could add the ean13 column to the list, but the filter is not working. Can anyone help me or guide me to make the filter working. public function hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier($params) { $params['sql_select']['ean13'] = array( 'table' => 'p', 'field' => 'ean13', 'filtering' => 'LIKE \'%%%s%%\'' ); } override the twig files and working modules/mymodule/views/PrestaShop/Admin/Product/CatalogPage/Lists list.html.twig products_table.html.twig Thanks,
  3. @bollydow @Lorem Ipsum did you get solved this ? im developing a module that adds specific price dynamically to the products that are in cart, but sometimes the prices are not updating and reflects after few time. Thanks,
  4. try to add missing column / tables with correct mysql user (the user that is configured in prestashop settings.inc.php)
  5. Hi all, I want to add 10% discount to all out of stock products when the item is added to cart. For example a product A is out of stock and is having 20% of discount from some other specific prices, when the user add the item to cart additional of 10% discount to be added to the price. How can i do it, i have tried to modify the pricecalculation method of Product class, but modifying that affects the entire site where the price is shown. I want the additional discount price only when adding to cart and in cart items. Thanks,
  6. please explain your requirement in detail, where you want to implement this feature? in any specific page or all pages, and when to open the popup, by clicking on any button etc ............
  7. Did you try installing the module? during the installation, this module creates 2 carriers (check BO->Shipping->Carriers) and check these carriers shows in the front end during the checkout.
  8. how did you added the script, using module or putting the script directly in any template file?
  9. public function hookPaymentReturn($params) { if (!$this->active) return ; $smarty->assign('id_order', $params['objOrder']->id); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'confirmation.tpl'); } you can use $params['objOrder'] its the order object, you can access the variables and methods using this object
  10. you want to compare with the zipcode of customer delivery address and based on that show the carrier ?
  11. You can access the value directly since the field is the customer class field, $customerObject = new Customer(1); $customerObject->recargoequivalencia;
  12. use php method, it will return all defined constants get_defined_constants() print_r(get_defined_constants());
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