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  1. and to anyone from Prestashop if you want to see the history check out my prev posts, and perhaps in the future be very careful what you advise people like me. next step for me is declaring bankruptcy.
  2. i would advise to anyone reading this, dont use prestashop its like a beta with HEAPS of basic functions missing. just run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.
  3. Wow, so i built an entire prestashop for a client with over 1000 products, and found out there was no way to have attributes that are relative to each other, and came here to ask for help, and got told, use Attribute Wizard if would be perfect for that, and went and paid 100$ for th module, that is broken, now after months of tryin to get help from the ppl that make it, ive been ignored and had to goto a 3rd party developer who is asking 600$ to fix these guys module, i only charged my client 1000$ to make his store, and now he is demanding of me, that i must pay it, prestashop is the reason ive shutdown my business and will prob soon be backrupt, thanks so much guys, youve ruined my business and my life is heading down the same track.
  4. Just like to add, that, attribute wizard is the most bug ridden useless crappy software ive ever come accross. its full of bugs and the team that makes it refuses to give any support, if you are considering Attribute Wizard, DO NOT bother. I will probably have to refund my client because of this huge mess....
  5. Hi Pascal, thank-you, I did something very similar, that URL your looking at is LiveCart, and old site ive migrated, heres the end result, http://cabinetmart.ibanez0r.org/cmt-router-bits/255-flush-trim-router-bits.html, i guess the attribute wizard can never really replace the original due to the way it interacts with it, but this seems to work. thanks for your help i really appreciate it.
  6. Well, i thought you'd like to know pascal, i asked these guys what the usual method of dealing with 2 product price/qty/cart blocks and they told me the best way is to use css, and didnt elaborate, as mentioned i set display:none on the entire div and it stole the price from attrib wiz too, so this morning i had a new idea, and that was to move the default block to a new position off the screen! it appears to work, do you think this is a suitable way to deal with it pascal? or you would do something different? check this out in Australia, we call this sorta thing "Bush Mechanics" like you will see in movies such as The Gods Must be Crazy hey it seems good!!! It seems like maybe after a restyle the module it will be godo to go, i give these guys at PrestoChance +10 for the idea, and +2 for making it happen it is however a solution so thank-you again!
  7. I know im a bit harsh im sorry, you know for 75$ i expect it to look nice lol, *sigh* have a great trip. cheers o/
  8. Hi there Pascal, after quite a few, 20 odd emails back and forth with the developer i was able to display the problems i was having, and they discovered a few bugs which they addressed, the b4 tax as mention, hey which i think is fine, if u coult turn it on and off etc, be great but i dont think it was designed to do that so they resolved that and also some JS errors apparently where combinations where concerned bringing the module to life! I have only the remaining issue now, i mean... be default it sset to displat the (additioned) add to cart button and attribs (out of view) near the page footer, the other option is to display it under the facebook likes etc or to the right, either way theres now the small issue of having 2 add to cart blocks, their one looks like a 12 yr old designed it after school one day, and the now redundant prestashop add to cart block with the wishlist and payment logos is apparently not easily removed, im told the best way to do it is with css, luckily im a complete css [spam-filter], so .. the instinct was to just set a display:none tag on the entire div, which worked great, but it also took the price away from the attribuute wiz add to cart block, so ive asked them to explain what is the 'usual' way its done, hopefuly its not too hard, ill let you know how it goes. Thanks again for your help i really appreciate it, Cheers, Cam
  9. Mine will not initialize.. [Tue Oct 21 13:49:12 2014] [error] PHP Warning: xcache_set(): XCache var cache was not initialized properly. I checked and double checked my xcache setup, its all good, and tested to be working. XCache XCache Support enabled Version 2.0.0 Modules Built cacher optimizer coverager assembler encoder decoder Readonly Protection N/A Cache Init Time 2014-10-21 06:56:25 Cache Instance Id 24112 Opcode Cache enabled, 134,217,728 bytes, 1 split(s), with 8192 slots each Variable Cache disabled Shared Memory Schemes mmap Coverage Auto Dumper disabled Unfortunatly, this created a 5gb apache log that would of max out the logs partition had it not been for quotas. I just cant get it to work!
  10. yeh, but... the prices are wrong, and the select box is about 5mm wide with prices turned off.... so essentially i spent my last few cents on this... doesnt work... at all. You know pascal, this thing im chasing, is standard feature in EVERY other ecommerce solution available, what is goin on????
  11. Only downside is, it removes the attributes from the Add to Cart block and displays all my prices wrong and when i tell it not to display the price inside the attribute select, the select box becomes so small you cant read the attribute... man, this is a real mess,... :/ i may as well just take 75$ and burnt it lol :/ fml http://i.imgur.com/bib9W1R.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JkDMDUd.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IGrq5X5.jpg maybe not such a great module to recommend pascal, ive emailed the author, hopefully we can fix it, as it stands i paid 75$ US for a module i just disabled cuz it doesnt work.
  12. I've been really busy Pascal, sorry for the delay! I contacted Presto-Change directly, they assure me Attribute wizard does exactly what i need, so thank-you so much once again my friend, i really appreciate your help!
  13. Ohh pascal, thank-you, i was how to say.... shocked when i discover it wasnt built in, my resting heart rate at that moment im sure is about 180bpm, so thankyou so much for your time to mention this it just might save my christmas. Kind Regards, Cam
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