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  1. Hi there ! I've got a little issue I have difficulties to solve because of my Prestashop newbiness. Here is the story: I'm developing a Prestashop solution, enabled multistore, and basically, each of these stores are designed to be seen by people from two possible geolocations (but, speaking the same language). So far, everything fits perfectly what's intended, but I'd like to add something else: When people from one location try to access the wrong store, they have a nice 503 page telling them the site is not available in their country, which is perfect. BUT, is there a way to redirect everyone on the right page ? I'm not really sure if my issue is to be solved by adding some rules to .htaccess, or by adding a test in some .php file's header. I'll just be glad to have an idea about where to start my researches ! Thank you very much.
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