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  1. OK. I copied the the Prestashop 1.6 to my localhost (Mamp) and ran this SQL query in the test environment (phpMyAdmin): # Delete old connection data (only used for stats) # change 2016-02-01 00:00:00 according to you needs DELETE c, cs FROM ps_connections c LEFT JOIN ps_connections_source cs ON (c.id_connections = cs.id_connections) WHERE c.date_add < '2016-01-01 00:00:00'; OPTIMIZE TABLE ps_connections, ps_connections_source; It reduced the ps_connections table from 2233686 to 1422691 rows (302.5 to 186.3 MiB) and the ps_connections_source from 183.4 to 102 Mib. The site worked fine both before and after this operation. I found the SQL queries here on GitHub I plan on reducing the ps_guests table as well. It has more than 2423360 rows (241.4 MiB). Will try this (phpMyAdmin): # Delete all guest without entry in ps_customer table DELETE g FROM ps_guest g LEFT JOIN ps_customer c ON (g.id_customer = c.id_customer) WHERE c.id_customer IS NULL; OPTIMIZE TABLE ps_guest; Julienbourdeau's queries was a big help. To delete these rows manually would be a pain.
  2. If any one experience slow page loads I would also suggest using https://tools.pingdom.com to test the site. If image sizes (banners) is to large it will show. And also if sosial plugins slows down page loads.
  3. I have a Prestashop 1.6 with a huge database (almost 1 GB!). I can see that ps_connections and ps_guest has more than 2 million rows each. Also ps_connections_source and ps_page_viewed is pretty large. Looking at the date_add on each row I can see rows all the way back to 2014. Is it safe to delete rows from e.g. 2014 and 2015 in these tables? (and keep rows from 2016 and 2017) I'd like to reduce the database size.
  4. I had a problem where sorting a category a-z or by price listed only some of the products in the category. The solution was easy. Go to the modules page and configure the blocklayered module. There you will find a URL like this: http://www.mydomain.com/modules/blocklayered/blocklayered-price-indexer.php?token=9e02e1e7a6 Visit this link and wait... Problem solved (in my case)
  5. The (Revolution) Slider (full screen) I linked to earlier seem to do just this. But it is cropping the background image quite hard on the right side on narrow screen sizes. Usually I operate with either (width: some value; and height: auto;) or (height: some value; and width: auto;). I guess you could do the latter and make the banners extra wide. To prevent scrolling I guess you could try some kind of overflow: hidden. To set the height of the slides is not easy - since the window can be resized. In modern browsers I guess you can use calc. Example: .your-class { height: -moz-calc(100% - 200px); height: -webkit-calc(100% - 200px); height: calc(100% - 200px); }​ It probably won't work in older browsers. And also the header height is not fixed. I'am afraid I can't help you more on this. Try asking some of the wizards over at stackoverflow.com
  6. Try: .columns-container { margin: 0px auto; max-width: 1170px; /* ajoust page content max-width */ } .index columns-container { max-width: 100%; /* to not screw up your frontpage slider width */ } #header .container { max-width: 100%; /* menu and header full width */ } header .row #header_logo { padding-left: 3%; /* logo space left */ }
  7. Are your site online? Why not buy what you want? Like this one? http://smartdatasoft.com/codecanyon/revolution_ps/fullscreen.php (I don't know how well this one works, but it even plays well in my old Safari 5.0.5)
  8. To ajoust the menu, it is probably easier to place the menu outside the container div and/or row div inside the header - on the home page only (using if-statments). So the menu is in the default place if page is not index {if $page_name !='index'} ... {/if} The menu is outside the divs mentioned if page is index. Then you can style the #block_top_menu to width: 100%; (Backup the file before editing a .tpl file in case something goes wrong)
  9. Does this also apply to PS The friendly url for category 2 is set to "products". domain.com/products, domain.com/2-products, domain.com/2-home all give a 404 (page not found) Sorry. Found this one: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24051605/762640
  10. I have not tested this on a real installation of Prestashop, but as a start you might try: .index #columns { max-width: 100%; } .index #columns .row { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; max-width: 1170px; } .index #slider_row.row { max-width: 100%; } In addition to this you will have to change the size of the banner(s). Here is a guide for making the main banner (slider) full width. Remember that your banner is now more than 1170px wide - depending on the user's screen width. (The banner will be much smaller on e.g. a smart-phone.) (Edit: Added .index to target home page only)
  11. Under Modules position - make sure to rearange displayHomeTop and displayHomeTopContent. Rearanging actionProductAdd, actionProductDelete or actionProductUpdate will not give the desired outcome on the home page.
  12. Google is your friend. I found this searching for "prestashop 1.6 homeslider full width": https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qKUzECilPJk
  13. In global.css try: .container { max-width: 98%; } in stead of: .container { max-width: 1170px; } You will probably want to do some more ajoustments (e.g. for the banners)
  14. Yes. I'am playing around on a dev installation for now. Was only showing that the zeros in {$customerGroups[0]['id_group']} - {$customerGroups[0]['name']} apparently is referring to the first group ticked off for each user (smallest group id number ticked off). One can also look at the second, third, forth chosen group to see if it's a match. By the way. Is there anything particular unsafe with this raw module? I am looking for a solution to allow only one customer group to see the supplier page and -lists (and site map item). I would not know how to do this in a safer way.
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