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  1. Hi @El Patron. I have similar problem lasting trough different 1.7 PS versions (currently 1.7.6). This problem lasts even with all latest upgrades of modules. Thing is, that I use 3 different payment modules PayPal (native), Bank wire (native), COD with fee. Those modules work very good itself, but every time I change ANYTHING in menu Payment - > Preferences (for example setting currency for PayPal, or COD), after saving the setting ALL THREE PAYMENT OPTIONS DISAPPEAR from the checkout process and customer gets a message "Unfortunately, there is no payment method available." I've checked the positions, modules are still hooked in the paymentOptions. I've tried to remove the hooks, then transplant it back.. nothing helps. I've tried to uninstall and install back all the modules one by one and then repeat the whole process with changing menu Payment - > Preferences, but result is still the same. Nothing helps. Only way to get working it back is to reset every module and set it up again (connecting, filling all the fields etc.) This is so annoying. Do you have any idea where the problem can be? Thank you very much for any reply. Andrej
  2. Hi. I have completely tha same problem with same errors. Have you find a solution please? Thanks. Andrej
  3. Hi. Is there a way to show the "Availability" (product stock filter) in the faceted search, while the Product stock function "Allow ordering of out-of-stock products" is ENABLED (Configure/Product settings/Product stock)? When this function is disabled, the Availability is shown in faceted search. When I enable this function, it disappears. How to override this please? I am using PS 1.7.5. Stock management enabled. Thank you very much. Andrej
  4. Hi. I would also like to add a manufacturer name to the breadcrumb product name. PS Can you please help with that? Thank you.
  5. Hi to all I have a question regarding showing multiple values of "in stock" products. Right now we sell product with three kinds of availabilities - IN STOCK, IN 14 DAYS, ON REQUEST. All these availability values are now put in "Label when in stock" field of every single product(Quantity tab). In reality (FO) it means, all products availabilities are showing green values and are ok for ordering. But when I turn the stock filter in faceted search, there is no option for stock filtering. I am assuming that this is because Presta sees it all as "IN STOCK" products, which is completely fine to me. However, my customers are not able to filter the products by the availability as I wrote above (IN STOCK, IN 14 DAYS, ON REQUEST). So my question is, if it is there any solution to show the ACTUAL values of "in stock" products, so my customer could see them in the faceted search block (or anywhere else on product list). This would be very useful, because I think many eshops deliver products at different time ranges. Maybe it could be a great module on the top of the product list showing a dropdown menu or radio button for filtering availabilities. Thank you very much for any advice. Andrej
  6. Is there a way to put there multiple IDs and make them all new/old at once? Thank you.
  7. Hello. Thank you for a great job!! Is there a way to set as new/old a multiple products?? Putting a list of IDs separated by commas or spaces? Really don't want to do hundreds of products one by one. Thank you very much.
  8. Thank you. It works perfectly on Does anyone know how do I get the products to be "OLD"? Maybe its just a little change in the AdminSetNew.php file? Thank you.
  9. Hi all. I would like to add the manufacturer name in front of product name in Back office/order page/product line. It is the line which shows what product customer bought. Please see attachment. I run PS 1.5.3. Thank you very much for help.
  10. Hi all. I would like to add the manufacturer name in front of product in Back office/order detail tab/product line. It is the line which shows what product customer bought. Please see attachment. I run PS 1.5.3. Thank you very much for help.
  11. Hi vekia thanks for your reply but can you please tell me correct entry for manufacturer variable? I tried this but it doesnt work. <td style="padding:0.6em 0.4em;">'.$product['product_manufacturer'].'</td>
  12. Hello, I would like to add product manufacturer to following email tempates. order_conf.html new_order.html Can somebody tell me how to achieve it? Im using prestashop if it matters. thanks
  13. Hi all. I would like to add the manufacturer name in front of product in Back office/order detail tab/product line. It is the line which shows what product customer bought. Please see attachment. I run PS 1.5.3. Thank you very much for help.
  14. Hello, does anyone knows what is "ps_page_type" table for ?? I have there some lot of rows which doesnt make a sense to me. Here are few of them as an example. modules/pwr/authentication.php - this one looks normal modules/paypal/payment/submit.php - this one looks normal password.php - this one looks normal modules/bankwire/payment.php - this one looks normal 30.12.2010/index.php ep/index.php prestashop/category.php prestashop/index.php ndex.php index.php//admin/sqlpatch.php/password_forgotten.php new-products.php/admin/file_manager.php/login.php index.php/1? index.php/admin/sqlpatch.php/password_forgotten.php index.php/main.php index.php/sm_config.php index.php/member/profile index.php/memorials/colorado-victims/modules/productrating/rating/db.php index.php/memorials/colorado-victims/karen-grammar/contact-form.php index.php/memorials/colorado-victims/karen-grammar/ What is writing to that table and what are those "links" doing? Is it possible that this table is generating some non-existing "404" pages that were detected by google webmaster tools later on? Because since upgrading to prestashop 1.5.2 i have about 12000 errors there and it is still growing
  15. Hi guys, I have created a ticket in a meantime so detailed description can be found there http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCFV-6210 perino thanks for your post but I cant force my customers to clear their cache and cookies while shopping. It needs to be somehow automatic without doing this. And also I would rather change php which is generating htaccess instead of htaccess itself because when shop will generate a new one that problem may occur again Can you please add a link to the thread so I can see it in more detail?
  16. Hello, have you find a solution to this issue? Im having the same problem. Some customers can login but some cannot. For example now I'm not able to login with Google Chrome but with Firefox it works. The same issue on testing shop and also on clean installation of 1.5.2 prestashop. I have found a similar problem in following post but it didn't help to me http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/161377-solved-customers-cant-log-in-at-front-office-new-installps-1462/
  17. Hello. I got the same problem, but I did not any refunds or any other operations. Just simple example - customer placed an order of one product. I wanted to add other product to the order in BO by clicking "add a product" and start typing name of product to find the right one. After I selected desired product, I clicked "add product". I just received an error message "Alert - Can't add a product on delivered order " BUT this order has just one status "Preparation in progress" and it has never been in delivered status. Could you please help me? I have 1.5.2. version. Thanx. Andrej
  18. yeess.. i got it!! increase stock (in product BO) in every enabled product. this works for me.
  19. I have the same problem !! Probably with the similar theme.
  20. Dik za rychlu odpoved. Viem ze asi je tento sposob najjednoduchsi no vzhladom na roznorodost a pocet produktov dost pracny a zabral by vela casu. Nehovoriac o tom, ze by som to musel triedit zakazdym ked vygenerujem novy feed. Ma niekto este iny napad??? Dik moc
  21. Cavte. Viete mi niekto poradit ci sa da nejako docielit to, aby to php generovalo iba tie produkty, ktore su v aktivnej, zobrazenej kategorii/podkategorii ?? Ide o to, ze mam niektore kategorie a podkategorie nastavene aby sa nezobrazovali, ale konkretne produkty v nich takto nastavene nie su. Prave tieto potrebujem vyhodit z xml, ktore mi vygeneruje php. Dakujem za radu vopred.
  22. Thank you for reply. I set "display errors" to "on" but no change. Still have same message "update successfull". I have version of prestashop. Any other ideas?? Thank you in advance.
  23. Hi everyone. I have problem with translation of some modules. I filled fields to translate some text, clicked "update translations", presta says "Update successful", BUT no change in front office. I went back to BO and there is NOTHING in fields I filled before. I found on forum that I need to change these functions in php.ini to 2048: suhosin.request.max_vars suhosin.post.max_vars I did it, but no change at all. I really don´t know what to do. Please help. Thanx a lot.
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