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  1. Hi, Can you tell me where the link that you talk about in this thread for creating my own module? I am using version 1.6. Will this tutorial work for my version. I am trying to get indexed into Bing and they are asking me to verify ownership by inserting the following authentication code into my header. <meta name="msvalidate.01" content="1E6904121DDEED26B45432C31838ADAF" /> Is creating my own module the best way to do this? Is there an easier or better way to do this? I don't quite understand your instructions after creating the module either. You said to "install function use registerhook declaration to register DisplayBackOfficeHeader hook, then use function" not sure what that means? Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this?
  2. Hi, yes i did, thanks. I gave a different email address the first time I tried to contact you, but no worries, thanks for your quick response. I will be purchasing the module.
  3. I am interested in buying this module, but am a little leary because I can't get ahold of anyone at presto-changeo. I tried contacting them a few weeks ago with some questions I had, and I never heard back. I tried a second time today, and got a error message saying my inquiry was not deliverable. I am concerned that I will purchase the module and not have access to any support from them. Also, I am not ready to purchase until I can get some answers about the module. Don't want to waste money on something that won't work for me. Anyone have any ideas on what to do from here?
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