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  1. Thanks Pascal, that's a great advice. I'm using PS with the defult theme and a 5 step checkout. it would be nice to have a note in the cart block on the upper part of the page, another note on the cart page and then a way to block the procedure after the registration of the sustomer. Where can I place the code? I thank you for your time. Regards Oto Tortorella
  2. You are right Pascal, it's not so clear. It can be any combination of wines, but in multiple of 6. As an examlpe: 1 x Taurasi 3 x Aglianico 2 x Greco 1 x Fiano 5 x Coda di Volpe That's 12 bottle, 6 + 6 and it's correct If it would be: 1 x Taurasi 3 x Aglianico 2 x Greco 1 x Fiano it is 7 bottles, 6 + 1 and the system should ask the customer to remove 1 or add 5 Is there any easy way to achive it? Thanks
  3. Hello there, the point is that my shop sells wine and I like to sell pack of six bottles or any multiple (12, 18, etc) Bottles could be chosen from the whole catalog but the cart should contain 6 or multiple to be valid. How can I get this result? Is there any modules ready? Thanks for your advice. Oto Tortorella
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