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  1. I installed Cash on Delivery module. After i push "Cash on Delivery" button in order, Im going to "module/cashondelivery/validation" link. I want to display order's products in that view. I found file of that view, but I dont know how can i get order's products. Thank you
  2. 2nd variant: page background should be colored. There are other pages like about us, contact - they should have default (white) color background. CATALOG also white, but catalog's subcategories/pages (milk products, meat, frozen) should have color. Version: Website: http://www.litexport.co.uk
  3. Hi, I need to assign color to category (it will be used for background color of that category). I tried to find solution, but i can't. In my site is structure like this: CATALOG - Milk products - Meat products - Drinks Every subcategory (milk, meat, drinks) should have a background color different for each. Thanks for help
  4. Hello, In my website is quick search module enabled, but i need to change it a little bit. If i'm searching something, ajax search gives me result of products by query, i need to change it to search categories instead of products. Image illustrates it. Result should be "Milk products" and link should be to the category not to the product. Thank you
  5. Same problem here ;/ Firebug error: ReferenceError: FancyboxI18nClose is not defined /themes/delux_theme/js/global.js Line 92 global.js $.extend($.fancybox.defaults.tpl, { closeBtn : '<a title="' + FancyboxI18nClose + '" class="fancybox-item fancybox-close" href="javascript:;"></a>', next : '<a title="' + FancyboxI18nNext + '" class="fancybox-nav fancybox-next" href="javascript:;"><span></span></a>', prev : '<a title="' + FancyboxI18nPrev + '" class="fancybox-nav fancybox-prev" href="javascript:;"><span></span></a>' }); global.tpl {addJsDefL name=FancyboxI18nClose}{l s='Close'}{/addJsDefL} {addJsDefL name=FancyboxI18nNext}{l s='Next'}{/addJsDefL} {addJsDefL name=FancyboxI18nPrev}{l s='Previous'}{/addJsDefL}
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