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  1. I'm wondering if theres a resonable simple way to add so there is calculated a commision on all sales in shop, to a ID/Email whatever.. just to track it/reset it when paid. I'm setting up several shops and owners have agreed to pay a commission on all sales as long as i provide support etc over time. guess could be using the internal affiliate part as it wont be used, if can somehow enable that 1 affiliate to ALWAYS get x%... not based on what link was used. Hope someone has a good suggestion on this.. Thanks Michael
  2. Hi guys I've tried using Stats-Referral but can't get it to register any on the user i created. however what i would LIKE to do, is have this user get x% of ALL sales made on the shop, if this can be done? Like some expression in the Includes thats always true?? or can i fix it with a tiny change to code anywhere.. i don't need other Referral users, just 1 to be able to automaticly give X% of Sales to that person. thanks Michael
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