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  1. Just to be clear, my motivation here is to grab the url so that I can retain the information about what product attributes are selected in the side bar. Does anyone know if the product attribute selection creates a Smarty variable that carries over to the shopping cart? Perhaps a variable that I could use in my quote form...?
  2. Hi guys, So, I'm a (very) amateur, self taught web developer, trying to learn how to use Smarty variables. I've read a lot on online, but I'm having trouble getting an 'Request a Quote' module to use the global Prestashop variable '$come_from' (which requests the previous page's url). Please help me? UPDATE: I just got it to work, but still have a problem. $come_from is showing the current address url isntead of the address of the product page that directed it there. You can see by going to my site (http://www.utopiascreenprinting.com.au/) and using the 'Request a Quote' button on any of our products. Why's it doing this and can I fix it? Advice? Cheers guys!
  3. Hmm, weird. Well, as long as it's working for you guys. Thanks heaps!
  4. Hi guys, I'm getting a 404 Error page immediately after a new customer signs up for our site's account service, which I imagine is disconcerting to them. You can see for yourself by signing up on our site - http://www.utopiascreenprinting.com.au/ Anyone knows why this is happening, or at least what page is supposed to be showing there so I can fix the link? Cheers! Ryan
  5. Hi guys, I just bought this 'Request a Quote' module for prestshop - http://addons.prestashop.com/en/checkout-modules/2056-customized-quote.html Basically, I was hoping to change the module's quote form it so that the quote form takes selected product attributes and submits them with the quote. I've got basic HTML, PHP and CSS literacy, but if anyone knows the easy way to do this it's going to save me a lot of time scouring the internet for more info. Cheers guys.
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