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  1. Hello, What is the easiest way to enable bank transfer as payment method? There is "Wire Payment v1.0.10 (by Prestashop)" installed, but it doesn't show up when ordering. All I need is an option for indicating that the selected payment method is bank transfer, no further administration, payment tracking, etc. is needed. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to upgrade Prestashop from to I use the 1-Click Upgrade module for this. I'm getting the following error message while the database is being upgraded: Error upgrading doctrine schema This causes a failure and the upgrade rolls back. Prestashop was installed with the theme's quick start package (O'Mart Simple by Waterthemes). Can someone help me with this? Thank you.
  3. If they are missing, can you give me a hand in finding the relevant parts in the core?
  4. Hello, I can't find any options in the back office to change the price format. If I'm right, till 1.6 it used to be under International / Localization / Currencies, where now the only option for a currency is to set the exchange rate. I need to change the format from "HUF10,000.00" to "10 000 Ft", so everything regarding the format. Where can I find these options? Or is it possible that they're missing from 1.7? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello, Where can I enable SEO friendly URLs for product and category pages in PS 1.7?
  6. Hello, The 2nd brand in the brand list (ps_brandlist) gets the same link as the first one. I delved into the code as far as classes/Manufacturer.php. In the constructor the getLink() method obviously creates a false link. Here's a screenshot to proves this: The site: http://soulinteriors.hu/__ps/en/3-women The brand list is in the left column, bottom. This needs to be solved, I need this module. Thanks in advance.
  7. I reinstalled Prestashop, and this issue was gone. This is SOLVED.
  8. Hello, I have just installed Prestashop As I enter the admin page, a dialog box appears with 4 times the same error message: Warning on line 66 in file /web/sdc/soulinteriors.hu/__ps/config/smartyadmin.config.inc.php [2] Cannot use a scalar value as an array You can also take a look at this in the attachment. Line 66 looks like this: $sprintf['legacy'] = $htmlEntities ? 'htmlspecialchars': 'addslashes'; I added the following code before this line, which is supposed to do no harm: if (!is_array($sprintf)) $sprintf = array(); This of course removes the error messages, but it will get deleted the first time Prestashop is updated. Does anyone have a better solution for this? Thanks.
  9. Hi, The site's email logo (uploaded to "Invoice and Email Logos") gets attached to the emails created and sent with Prestashop, regardless the content of the mail. How to disable this attachment? Thanks.
  10. I turned on force-compile in the admin, and now it works! What I tried before, is turning it on in the "smarty.config.inc.php", that did work in some cases, but the above mentioned file was never recomplied for some reason. Thanks for the help.
  11. I tried editing both blocktopmenu.tpl files (the one in /modules and the one in the theme), and there was no effect of the change in either cases.
  12. Hello, I need to make changes inside top blocktopmenu module. Where can I turn off the caching of the blocktopmenu.tpl file? I already turned off the caching of Smarty, but there must be another caching as it can be seen in blocktopmenu.php too. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, I have the same problem in version I didn't have the "getTranslationsFieldsChild()" function in classes/Category.php. I copied the code from found on this page, but I still get the blank page. Also after returning to the categories page the list is empty, although in the database the category seems to exist. Please help! Thanks.
  14. Hello, On the site olcsomenyasszonyiruha.com the home page shows prices as "0 Ft" and so do the categories for most products. On the product pages it's fine, the product prices are showing. I found another thread for this, but there isn't any clear solutions in it. It suggests that products have to have an attribute and value, then the prices will show. (Let's disregard the weirdness of this.) For me this didn't solve the problem. Thanks for your help.
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