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  1. Its just a warning, go to /config/defines.inc.php and make define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false);
  2. Hi, It looks like the module prestablog has this issue. Just disable it and contact the module developer for a fix.
  3. Hi, Its only possible by editing the Link.php and Dispatcher.php classes, by making an override of them of course so CORE classes are preserved. Not easy but possible, do inbox me if you have the budget Regards, Matt
  4. You have to edit /themes/YOURTHEME/templates/errors/maintenance.tpl Put it before {block name='content'} {block name='head_seo'} <title>{block name='head_seo_title'}{$shop.name}{/block}</title> {/block} You can put meta tags here also.
  5. New version 1.0.1 added for PS 1.7 compatibility
  6. New version 1.0.1 of Product Sold Count FREE module. Compatibility added for PS 1.7...xx https://github.com/prestatoolkit/productsoldcount.git
  7. Hi All, New version of module is added with ability to work on PS 1.7+ and latest PS versions.
  8. Try validating the HTML, fix all not closed tags. https://validator.w3.org/
  9. Hi, If you are using PS 1.7+ than use below condition to wrap it. {if $page.page_name == 'index'}
  10. Did you try passing the d like {l s='Description' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}
  11. Hi, Did you checked the email log in Advance Parameters - Email ?
  12. Can you tell us the version of your PrestaShop?
  13. The problem with free theme is the maintenance with latest versions of PrestaShop as the developers of the free themes tend to ignore it. In case of paid themes, the developers updates them regularly.
  14. Hi, The script which controls the scrollTop events on listing page is in /themes/YOURTHEM/assets/js/theme.js but it looks like the calculation is not working properly in this script due to some problem in your theme HTML structure.
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