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  1. Hi iam new to prestashop and the code which you have given is not working in my prestashop iam using prestashop 1.6 version
  2. Hi iam new to prestashop and iam developing the jewellery site.So in product page its showing cost of total but ia also want the sprcific attibute price to be shown on that page pls can any one help me
  3. Hi mine is also same problem.is there any thing we can do for it.as iam also developing the jewellery site on prestashop 1.6 and i need to update daily the price of gold and iam also having combination pls can any one help me
  4. Hi iam new to preastashop and regarding csv file iam having a dought.while entering a csv attribute file iam facing a problem.so can anybody help me out
  5. Seriously good module. But i had a problem in the title, every time the images moves the title moves along with the image .is there a chance to keep it fixed
  6. Hiii, iam new to prestashop and i was developing a jewellery site in which there are a combination of products like gold+silver,sliver+platinum,platinum+gold.every day the rates will change, so is there any module that changes the rates of combitional products?i ahve used mass update but it is changing the rate for paticular category bot not to combinational products please help and sorry for my english
  7. Hi.. Iam using ps1.6. You can see my home page in the below image. Iam using home categories module to display the categories. Here you will find 4 categories platinum,pendents,chains,rings here i want Product count of each category beside the name of the category.. please help me.. image.html
  8. Hi, can we add layered navigation module to home page of prestashop. currently iam using prestashop version 1.6. if there a possibility cam you pls explain it to me as iam new to prestashop.
  9. Hi prestashop.. Iam using ps1.6. I want the cart on top horizontal menu. please help me..
  10. Hi thanks for your replies , But at present iam doing in local host. And ihome categories is an free module... so pls help me out
  11. Hi ps. Iam using ps1.6.0.9 to develop a jewellery cart. Here in home page i want a product filter. So i decided to go with FLEXSEARCH module. The problem is I want this filter below the home slider but the default position of the filter is right above the home slider.How can i change the position to my required one. please help me..
  12. can we show the count of products of that paticular category or sub-category in home categories module pls help me
  13. Hi, I had to show the count of products of that paticular category or sub-category in home categories module pls help me
  14. hi Is there a chance to display the number of products(count) in these module. Can any one please help me out
  15. Hi, These is a good module but can i show the qunatity of products in that category on the image.
  16. Hi jhnstcks, This is a good module , But thus these have disable and enable option for categories. Thank you
  17. hai musicmaster, i have installed triple edit and iam facing a problem that . in the front end its not displaying the modified prices instead of that i have to update one of the product(in dash board) to see the modification
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