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  1. Crezzur.com's post in website bestel pagina foutcode 500 na import producten was marked as the answer   
    Zet even uw debug report aan, dan krijg je de reden te zien waarom deze mislukt.
  2. Crezzur.com's post in [opgelost] Backoffice (klantenservice) was marked as the answer   
    Update oplossing:

    Je hebt foutieve settings gebruikt op de pagina "Klantenservice" hierdoor kan je de pagina niet meer bereiken. Je kan deze settings enkel nog wijzigen via MYSQL.
    Ik heb uw, @j s ,settings reeds gewijzigd maar post het nog even hier mochten er andere gebruikers het zelfde probleem hebben.

    in mysql moet je naar tabel " ps_configuration " gaan en de settings wijzigen zoals getoond hieronder:

    Het probleem zou moeten opgelost zijn.
    Graag even deze post liken als het gewerkt heeft zo vinden andere gebruikers de oplossing sneller.
    Met vriendelijke groeten,
  3. Crezzur.com's post in [opgelost] Bestellingen niet toegestaan was marked as the answer   
    Als alle producten in uw winkel bestelbaar moeten zijn kan je deze query uitvoeren:
    UPDATE ps_stock_available SET out_of_stock = 1 Als alle producten in van een bepaalde categorie bestelbaar moeten gemaakt worden kan je volgende query uitvoeren:
    UPDATE ps_stock_available s, ps_category_product c SET s.out_of_stock = 1 WHERE c.id_category = 94 Waar id_category gelijk is aan de catergory id waarvan alle producten die hieronder vallen bestelbaar moeten zijn.
    Hoe het komt dat uw CVS niet werkt is eigenaardig er zal toch ergens een fout zijn. in elkgeval kan je achteraf aan de hand van deze query snel alle producten aanpassen.
  4. Crezzur.com's post in (Solved) Reviewsnippets was marked as the answer   
    Deze error is simpel op te lossen hoor!
    Ga naar AdminReviewsControler.php (lijn 24)
    verander setMedia() naar setMedia($isNewTheme = false)
    Vergeet niet deze post te liken en op de knop vote up te klikken
  5. Crezzur.com's post in Directory is not writable was marked as the answer   
    Just create a folder called "log" , give the folder 755 permission and your issue should be solved.
    Kind regards
  6. Crezzur.com's post in Can't find a default page in backoffice was marked as the answer   
    What do you want to change on the contact-us page?
    If you want to alter the looks you have to access the tpl file which is located here: your-shop/themes/Your-Theme/contact-form.tpl
    If you want to alter the contact persons you can find it here: Back office -> Customors -> Contacts
    Kind regards,
  7. Crezzur.com's post in Catalog without Cart or Checkout was marked as the answer   
    You have to turn on the prestashop "catalog mode"
    Login to your backoffice Hover to " Preferences " and click on "Products"  The first option you see is catalog mode, turn this to yes. Now all the checkout and add to cart options will be disabled. Kind regards,
  8. Crezzur.com's post in Exporting Array To .tpl Issue was marked as the answer   
    Damn i'm going to kick myself to the head i have deactivated 1 of the accounts by accident.
    For people that are looking on how to export an array list to .tpl ->
    PHP Code:
            $userdata = Db::getInstance()->ExecuteS('SELECT * FROM ' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'customer WHERE active = 1');         $this->context->smarty->assign('userlist', $userdata); TPL Code:
    {if isset($userlist)} {foreach $userlist as $user} <tbody> <td class="pointer fixed-width-xs center">{$user.id_customer}</td> <td class="pointer">{$user.firstname}</td> <td class="pointer">{$user.lastname}</td> <td class="pointer">{$user.email}</td> <td class="pointer">{$user.newsletter}</td> <td class="pointer">{$user.optin}</td> </tbody> {/foreach} {/if}
  9. Crezzur.com's post in How to remove footer credits + Template adj was marked as the answer   
    Greate ;-) if all your questions are solved dont forget to mark your topic as solved
  10. Crezzur.com's post in [SOLVED] PrestaShop Validator - Keeps showing 1 error was marked as the answer   
    Solved it it has to be like (what a dumb ass validator!)
    $this->name = 'data_sheet_pro';
  11. Crezzur.com's post in Image in CMS page was marked as the answer   
    I removed the file myself, you don't really need it.
    .htaccess could be used to deny access to your image folders,
    You could try to put the folders right to 777. if this doesn't help just remove it .
    I don't have it either. wont give you problems in the future.
    If you have no more questions you can mark your topic as solved
  12. Crezzur.com's post in Admin login was marked as the answer   
    Your welcom dont forget to mark your topic as solved
  13. Crezzur.com's post in FTP Path to errorpage 404 was marked as the answer   
    There you go
    your_site\controllers\front\PageNotFoundController.php your_site\themes\default-bootstrap\404.tpl If this is solved dont forget to mark your topic

    ~ Crezzur
  14. Crezzur.com's post in columns quantity in drop-down menu was marked as the answer   
    You wanted this right ? or do you want something more ?  (if solved mark topic as solved    )

  15. Crezzur.com's post in How to change backoffice login email address? was marked as the answer   
    1. Go to your back office.
    2. Hover on Administration
    3. Click on Employees
    4. Click on edit (account you want to change)
    5. Change the field Email address
    6. Press on save
    7. Mark your topic as solved
  16. Crezzur.com's post in Nothing is clickable in category pages was marked as the answer   
    Dutch: Ga naar adminpanel -> geavanceerde instellingen -> Prestaties -> sub menu CCC (Combineer, comprimeer en cache) zet Verplaats JavaScript naar het einde op ja
    English: go to back-office-> Advanced Parameters -> Performance-> sub menu CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) set Move JavaScript to the end to Yes
    i have already set the solution for you,
    if you have any more problems post them here or make a new topic.

    You can remove the account info you sent me from your webshop
  17. Crezzur.com's post in Homepage default to category was marked as the answer   
    A ) Easy but not recommended Way:
    1) Open Controllers/IndexController.php
    2) Modify function initContent as below :
    public function initContent() { parent::initContent(); Tools::redirect('index.php?id_category=10&controller=category'); $this->context->smarty->assign('HOOK_HOME', Hook::exec('displayHome')); $this->setTemplate(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'index.tpl'); } B ) Recommended Way:
    1) Copy Controllers/IndexController.php to override/Controllers/ folder 2) Open the copied file and edit as below:
    class IndexController extends IndexControllerCore { public function initContent() { Tools::redirect('index.php?id_category=10&controller=category'); } } 3) Save the file and go to cache folder. Find class_index.php , if it is there then delete it. Then check the site if it works fine.
    Notes :
    1) The above code is to give you idea, it may or may not work. Please do adjustment according to your needs.
    2) In latest versions of Prestashop, all classes are indexed in the class_index.php file. so if you made any override of a controller or class, it may not work until you delete that file. When a new request is made to server, PS automatically regenerate that file for you.
    Hope this will help.
  18. Crezzur.com's post in feature problem was marked as the answer   
    Your problem:
    When you add a attribute and feature to a product you do not see a filter in the front office so costumers can filter by there needs.
    Everytime u make a new attribute u need to set the display to "show".

    How to do this?
    - Go to backoffice
    - Press on the left panel on "modules"
    - search / find "Layered navigation block"
    - press on "Configure"
    - Here you can find "Filter templates"
    - I made a template called "Electric - Funstad"
    - Here is have enabled / disabled the functions you need.
    - When you go to your shop -> Electric you will see in your filter: Region, Styles, Properties
    You can add or remove ass much as you want.

    Hope this is the answer you where searching for.
    ~ Funstad
  19. Crezzur.com's post in Comparison not working was marked as the answer   
    Error solved but why is no-one else having this problem?

    in themes/default-bootstrap/js/products-comparison.js
    Change (used in (WARNING: U have to replace it 2 times in products-comparison.js)
    url: baseUri + 'index.php?controller=products-comparison&ajax=1&action=' + action + '&id_product=' + productId, To (used in (WARNING: U have to replace it 2 times in products-comparison.js)
    url: 'index.php?controller=products-comparison&ajax=1&action='+action+'&id_product=' + productId, You can download the file if you want.
    Download: products-comparison.zip
    (ps: I quoted out the wrong lines you might need them in the future)
  20. Crezzur.com's post in Categories font disappear was marked as the answer   
    Your welcome ;-)
    you might want to consider to edit your first post -> use full editor -> change titel to [solved] so people know this solved
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