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  1. Hi I haven't used my site for a week or so but it now appears that my products are displaying the "notify me when available" and email box when it didn't before? All of my products have this now? None of them are set to out of stock or anything so I cant think why this has randomly occurred? Is there something I can change in Modules to remove this from my products? heres a pic of what I mean... Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Sorry for the late reply, I will pm you the site name
  3. Hi guys Does anyone know how to get rid of the >> looking thing which appears beside my ads? they all look like this which is very annoying .. any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply, I haven't no. Im now looking into it , thanks for the help
  5. Hi everyone Quick question, can you create a category which once selected on the top menu redirects to another location like another website? ive tried looking into this but im unable to see anywhere I can place a url / redirect link to the category name? The reason I ask is I am hoping to add a coupons section and article section where I can place reviews etc and I cant find any way of doing this? I understand some themes come with a Blog category / section.. are you able to rename those to be "Product Reviews" etc?
  6. Can anyone help me with uploading csv files from Affiliate Window to prestashop? Ive found that im unable to upload them as the titles on the csv don’t match the drop down selection which prestashop provides. On the CSV file i have the following headers aw_product_id merchant_product_id merchant_category aw_deep_link merchant_image_url search_price description product_name merchant_deep_link aw_image_url merchant_name merchant_id category_name category_id display_price data_feed_id How can i upload this file with these headers when they don’t correspond to the ones prestashop offer in the drop down? Any help would be sooooo muuuccchhh appreciated!!!
  7. I tried pasting here but was unable so I sent it as PM, im trying to upload numerous products like that from affiliate window.
  8. I think your right, I haven't changed the separator to ; How would I change it to ; ? Sorry if it's a silly question but I have no idea!
  9. Im having a problem importing a data feed into my site, I followed Nemos old video nemops.com.prestashop-import-csv and im not able to import anything, I get these error messages.. for some reason I am unable to change anything as its displayed all spaced out like you can see in the pic? any help would be great!
  10. Im looking for some help with my prestashop project and would love to hear from anyone who lives in Norfolk, UK who are able to help me? Im willing to pay a reasonable fee for the help! Regards
  11. Hi everyone Could somebody tell me whether this is possible? Am I able to import products feeds from affiliate window to my prestashop store and still keep its current look with categories etc? I have no idea about this and any help would be great! Thanks
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