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  1. Can it be something related to the cache (Smarty cache)? thanks!
  2. Hi, The Paypal button has strangely disappeared from the Quick Order page. All the settings in Paypal module are ok but the button is simply not there. Any idea how to have it back? thanks!
  3. Hi, thanks for the resource but my need is to change the button itself. Any idea how to change it would be apprecited thanks!
  4. Hi, Is there a way to change the checkout button for Paypal and use a different one? I do not like the one I have at the moment! thanks!
  5. Hi, is there a way to order products in the Home Featured module? If so, how can I decide the position of the products in the allowed slots? I have also noticed that the positions vary every time the hoepage is loaded. Is there a way to make the position fixed and I decide which products goes in each position? thanks!
  6. I think there should be OFFICIAL GUIDELINES about installing tracking codes for purchases as in the end we want to bring people on our shops and installing the code is part of it. Now I understand there are premium modules for Facebook, but what about the other million marketing platforms existing out there than haven't got a specific module? Again e-shops are built to be visited and not as a mere programming exercise and be able to install a tracking code through SIMPLE AND CLEAR information should be something the Prestashop developers and community should provide.
  7. Checked the Chrome addons but looks like it has not been updated lately. I have used the empirical suggestion to check stats directly and it seems to work. I will keep checking through this way then thanks!
  8. Hi Nemo1, can you articulate more on this point: adapt any of the other methods can you add an example of other methods pls? thanks!
  9. Hi, as topic title I would like to know if there is a way to verify google analytics is tracking correctly. What are the necessary steps to check this out? thanks!
  10. Hi, back on this. I have tried to transplant the 'Category block' to the displayTopColumn hook but I got the following message: "This module cannot be transplanted to this hook." Why? Any why to bypass this and get the Category block next to the slider? thanks!
  11. Hi, I have fixed this. I had to transplant "Theme Configurator" module in the displayTopColumn hook. thanks for the support
  12. I have also tried to add the images in the Top Hook but nothing happen. The slider is in the middle of the page and I am not able to move it. Is there a way to "reset" the slider and the hooks? thanks!
  13. Hi, I have added the images now and they are listed in the Right Hook module but they are still not appearing. What am I doing wrong? thanks!
  14. Hi thanks! I have read the thread but I don't understand which is the file in which I have to add the Facebook pixel in the header section - sorry for the too many which I got I have to add it to the Confirmation Order page though Think you are dealing with a beginner here thanks!
  15. I had them in the Hook "right" but now I have no button to insert them back. "Theme Configurator" it's where I have checked but again there is no button or any other way to add it thanks!
  16. Should be Right Hook as I have changed the words and I got a post: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/396393-images-next-to-the-slider/
  17. Hi, the default theme comes with 2 images next to the slider. I have deleted them and now I don't know how to add them back. Do you know how to proceed? thanks!
  18. Hi, thanks I'll try following your instructions. Let's see what happens! BTW I am not able to post any other question in the forum, I have managed only to reply to this thread. When I start a new topic and hit 'Post' I got redirected to Prestashop.com Can someone explain me why and how can I post again? thanks!
  19. Hi, I want to track the purchase of a product using the Facebook pixel (users coming form a FB ads). Do I have to add the pixel in the single Product page or in the confirmation page? If so, how can I add it? Thanks!
  20. Hi, Can you point to some online resources where I can learn how to hook blocks and have more knowledge of hooking methods? I would like to experiment before messing up my site. thanks!
  21. Hi, thanks for the answer although this goes beyond my current knowledge of Prestashop. Isn't there an option to do it through a Live Edit feature? or alternatively I would need (if possible) a detailed list of actions I should perform for reaching the result I am lookin for thanks!
  22. Hi Nemo1, thanks for that. Here the working link: http://s48.photobucket.com/user/rack-bike/media/homepage-design_zps561e1692.png.html thanks!
  23. Hi, I would like to have a Homepage layout similar to http://s48.photobucket.com/user/rack-bike/media/homepage-design_zps561e1... How do I have to organize/configure/arrange modules (which ones to be activate and how) to achieve this graphic result? I am using the default theme Bootstrap. thanks!
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