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  1. Hi guys, I tried the fix above on Prestashop 1.6 and it disabled my attributes generator - I could select the attributes but they didn't generate. I did notice that the line: $price += (float)preg_replace('/[^0-9.]/', was repeated twice - should I make the change in both places? Thanks
  2. Hi there, I would really like some help with a very simple issue. I want to add a 'Phone Number' box inthe contact form and realised I could just edit the 'Order Reference' label to 'Phone Number'. However when I tested with a phone number it didn't work because the order reference box has to have a valid order reference in there. Can anyone advise me how to switch off the command that requires a vaild order reference so customers can just enter a phone number there? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi there, I am also having a problem with the category filter in the back office: It seems to be stuck in filtering for one particular area. When I uncheck the 'filter by category' box it returns to the full list but if I try to alter the list in any way it returns to the original filter without the box having to be checked again. Please help
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