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  1. hi, I am using this plugin in my prestashop site,did as per instruction, it doesnt display in front office. website url is https://singmasters.com pls advise. thanks
  2. Hi Guys, I upgraded my prestashop store from to using 1click upgrade . site is http://istreambox.tk everything work fine with upgraded versiob except,product page is blank white page. I have cleared cache,also have debug on but no errros shows up. any idea what could be issue? even categories page work ok,only products page blank, thanks
  3. Any support from prestashop admin. I have same issue,front end ok,backend after login redirect to front end,looks 1.7 is not usable,any prestashop admin here to respond. Same host i install front end and backend work ok and i have a production website. I need to make another prestashop store,I thought use latest 1.7 but no back office. So should i use 1.6.11 still as 1.7 is useless,pls advise guys.
  4. I have same issue,front end ok,backend after login redirect to front end,looks 1.7 is not usable,any prestashop admin here to respond.
  5. Guys, I have installed prestashop in my hosting , I can access frontend but when I login to backend,it just redirects to me to frontend. I am unable to access backend menus,This is fresh install. I read in forum others have same issues too ,no answer from admin of prestashop, pls advise what should i do to fix this issue. prestashop i install in same hosting account frontend /backend both works fine so its not problem with hosting, seems has the issue installing ,is any one using this version? thanks
  6. Thanks for info.but reading it ,it doesnt allow me to login ur prestashop login into phpbb.i want login integration of phpbb.
  7. Hi , I have my store using prestashop 1.6.Now need to put a forum for support so that customers can talk together. I am looking for a free forum module,can;t find one. Also I have been thinking of phpbb as forum.I have it installed but would like prestashop customers to login with ur same login into phpbb forum as well.Is there a way of achieving this? I did find a phpbb integration module which is paid and hansnt been updated since long time. I am hoping there is a free code integration to have same login of prestashop to use in forum. Pls advise. thanks Ram
  8. Thanks solved,it was a auspost module.even though was uninstalled it was still there.what I did was resintalled and uninstalled,no its completely gone and backoffice is flying PrestaShop™ - 0.803s thanks a lot for you help ,really appreciate it. I want to upgrade to new version using 1click upgrade ,do you recommend it ?or I should stick to and wait till 1.7 is released. thanks
  9. Hi, Full profiling report is here : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74353742/debug.html Basically load time in backoffice is same slow for every page.Pls advise your finding and what I need to do. thanks Ram
  10. Hi, Thanks for ur reply. I did try ur suggestion,disabled the non prestashop modules and all overrides. Cleared the cache after that.No change,still all backoffice page slow to load.same time 30-40 seconds.not sure what to look for now? thanks
  11. Hi guys, I am using prestashop and backend performs very slow,I have followed every article about improving perfomance and no luck.every click takes 30 seconds to load page in backoffice.Front office is pretty fast in average 2-3 seconds to load the page. Backoffice is unusable as every page takes 30-45 seconds to load.I have got hosting company to check it and they find no issues on server as front office is ok.I have CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) enabled.smart cache in perfomance in back office. I have done debug profiling and i have attached the screenshot .No idea what i should be looking. can you guys please advise. thanks Ram
  12. Can u pls share link to the module u mentioning that lets to use same login in ur phpbb. Tks
  13. can this extension allow prestashop cutomers log in the phpbb forum with the same login? Thats what I am after same login to use prestashop and phpbb. Not idle to have different login for 2 different system .Pls advise.I did install the plugin and couldnt work out how to enable same login in both.
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