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  1. Dear friends, I am developping a Java module for my client that needs to update his inventory on the PS platform periodically from the quantities in his POS system. I am using Java with JAXB/Jersey libraries to get the combinations and update them. The Http PUT request goes well and the combination gets updated along with a 200 - OK response and no error <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <prestashop xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink"> <combination> <id><![CDATA[170]]></id> <id_product xlink:href="LINK"><![CDATA[52]]></id_product> .... <quantity><![CDATA[3]]></quantity> ..... </combination> </prestashop> On a GET request I see the quantity field takes my new value; however the change is not reflected in the backoffice. I tried on these two URIs HTTP PUT on mysite.com/api/combinations/170 HTTP PUT on mysite.com/api/combinations/170?schema=synopsis Any idea why it would not gets updated? Is there like a commit call that I have to do or something? Any help is appreciated. Regards, Joel
  2. Hello, I am in no way an advanced prestashop developper but I am a software engineer so I may have few hints for you. This problem can be solved in tons of ways if you feel good with software. You could use a desktop or server application to either periodically insert the new customers straight into your database or use the web service and make some HTTP Post (XML) requests to your platform. CSV are easy to work with and pretty much any language can do http PUT/POST or interact with a database using libraries.This is a pretty straight forward job
  3. Dear friends, I am trying to display the tax names on my invoices, which are TVQ and TPS. I have a tax breakdown of 9.975% followed by a 5% tax. Normally what one would get is Tax Detail | Tax Rate | Total Tax Products: 9.975% (amount) Products: 5.000% (amount) I want to change the "Products" strings for the tax names (TVQ, TPS) I set up in my backoffice: Tax Detail | Tax Rate | Total Tax TVQ: 9.975% (amount) TPS: 5.000% (amount) So I went to pdf/invoice.tax-tab.tpl, in this section: if isset($product_tax_breakdown)} {foreach $product_tax_breakdown as $rate => $product_tax_infos} <tr style="line-height:6px;background-color:{cycle values='#FFF,#EEE'};"> <td style="width: 40%">{l s='Products' pdf='true'}</td> <td style="width: 20%; text-align: right;">{$rate} %</td> {if isset($product_tax_breakdown)} {foreach $product_tax_breakdown as $rate => $product_tax_infos} <tr style="line-height:6px;background-color:{cycle values='#FFF,#EEE'};"> <td style="width: 40%">{$name}</td> <td style="width: 20%; text-align: right;">{$rate} %</td> because looking in classes/tax/Tax.php, {$name} seems to be a tax variable, just like {$rate} Unfortunately I get nothing on my invoice in the Tax Detail column. Am I doing something wrong? Any help is very appreciated. Many thanks Joel
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