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  1. After some more testing it appears that if I create a new Category and attach a JPG, sometimes it works but displays a different jpg and sometimes it works and doesn't display anything. When I say "it works", I mean that it does not display an error message. If I try to upload a thumbnail to a Category, I get the same error message as when I upload an image to a Product record (Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png) I cannot upload jpg's to a Product record without getting the following error: Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png Update: I have also given the folders the highest permissions possible and the error still happens....I'm getting more convinced that its something on the Host side...
  2. Hmmm. This is strange. It was working ok and then stopped working. I'll have another look at what you are referring to. If got a funny feeling it may related to something at my hosting end. I'll keep updating this thread.
  3. Hi Guys This issue has just started to occur and I don't know why or how to fix it. When I try to attach an image to a Product and press "upload", I get the following error: crankshaft001.jpg : Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png The file is definitely a jpg file. The issue I have with Category images is that I go through the correct steps to attach the image including saving the record but the image is NOT being attached. There is no error message. I have successfully created numerous product and category records previously and attached images.... What's going on? I have also "Regenerated Thumbnails".... I'm using Thanks for your help. Regards Greg
  4. Thanks mate Ok, I'm now fine with what's got to be done in order to totally duplicate my existing production environment. My next question issue is this: Say my existing production site is Version and I want to upgrade to I recently performed a "1 click upgrade" on the environment and whilst the upgrade worked, the layout of my theme1005 (my 3rd party theme that I use as the default) was altered and I couldn't figure out how to fix it. (I posted a question on this forum). So, my questions are this: 1. If a Theme works on version should I expect it to also work on 2. If I create a clean environment with the sample database that comes as part of a new installation and then install Theme1005 from the installation file created from when I exported Theme1005 using the "Export Theme" option from, should I stand a better chance of Theme1005 working correctly? 3. Referring to # 3 above, if I this import the database in the environment, will that create issues? I suppose what I'm trying to ask is, "what is the best method to test a new version of Prestashop using the theme and data from a production environment". Thanks again for your help. Regards Greg
  5. Hi, I'm trying to figure out the best way to setup a testing environment using existing production data in my database and the theme I am using as the default. Should I do the following: 1. Take a complete backup of the existing production Prestashop folder, "prestashop" and the production SQL database (called ps_production) and put it somewhere safe. 2. Should I export my 3rd part default theme (theme1005) for possible installation into the new testing environment? 3. Install a clean installation of the new Prestashop version that will be used for testing purposes (ie: into a new seperate folder called "prestashop1609" and point it to a new database called ps_testing. 4. Import into the testing database (ps_testing) all tables etc from the production database backup (ps_production)? It is from # 4 above that I am not sure what to do next.... Should I import the production theme that I exported into the testing environment?????/ Thanks for any help you can provide. Regards Greg
  6. Hi guys, I currently have Prestashop installed in a folder called "prestashop" and have been using a 3rd party theme called "theme1005" as the default. I have customised it and have records in the database. I want to know how to set up testing environment to install a "clean" version of Prestashop using the "clean" zip file from the Prestashop website. I have the following questions. 1. Is it a simply matter of installing version into it's own folder, ie: prestashop1609? 2. I want to also use the third party theme, theme1005 in the testing environment and use the same database (don't worry, I will have backups). Do I just point the new installation to the same database? 3. How do I get theme1005 into the testing environment? Thanks regards Greg
  7. Hi guys I was on and everything was working fine. I am using a 3rd party theme (theme1005) and not using the default theme that was installed as part of the initial Prestashop installation. I used the "1 Click upgrade" to perform the upgrade and whilst it worked, it changed the layout of my default theme, theme1005. I have attached a few screen shots. It has relocated the shopping cart to the left of the Search box instead of up in the right hand corner and and changed the layout of the footer and added a Categories section. Any help will be appreciated. Regards Greg
  8. Thanks for the quick reply., The database and domain are exactly the same. This is a testing environment and I used the "1 click upgraded" module to upgrade from to". Unfortunately although the update worked, it changed the Front End layout on the 3rd Party theme I am using as the default so I want to restore back to prior to the update. The \config\settings.inc.php is under the Prestashop folder isn't it? Regards Greg
  9. Hi guys, I have installed Prestashop into its own folder called "prestashop". I have a backup of all of the files etc in that folder on my Desktop PC. I want to restore the entire Prestashop environment back to when the backup was done. I am not using the default bootstrap theme and have installed a 3rd party theme as the default. I have the following questions: 1. Is absolutely everything related to the Prestashop environment contained in the "prestashop" folder? 2. Can I simply copy the "prestashop" folder from my backup into the "prestashop" folder on my server in order to restore absolutely everything? Thanks for your help. Best Regards Greg
  10. Hi Guys Next to each Category on my front end, I want to display the number of products contained in the Category. Is there an "option" somewhere I can enable via the Backend or is there another method? Thanks for your help.
  11. HI again Paul, What about the "My Account" stuff? Regards Greg
  12. Hi guys I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out but can't. I have attached a screen shot. I just want to change the text of the "Delivery", "About Us" etc.....I just can't find where I do this. Thanks for your help. Regards Greg
  13. Hi guys Is there a "searchable" document or help file for version Regards Greg
  14. Thanks mate I have been searching but can't find the post so I thought I'd ask... Thanks again for your help. Regards Greg
  15. Hi Guys, I'm a bit confused. I know how to attach a Supplier to a Product but can't figure out how to attach a Manufacturer to a Product... I'm grateful for any help. Regards Greg
  16. Hi mate checked again and you are correct, The CSS file on the server did not have the line commented out. I copied it again to my desktop and edited it with Notepad instead of Notepad++, made the change, copied it back to the server and it is now working.... The only issue I have now is to change the colour of the "signin" and "your account" text" as they are white on a white background.. Any ideas? Do you remember there being a post about how to add other "colours" to the front end Theme configurator? Thanks for your help. Regards Greg
  17. Hi again, I did exactly "greghanley.com.au/prestashop/themes/theme1005/css/global.css" I just downloaded it again to check and it is still: header .h_top { /* background: url(../img/top-bg1.jpg) repeat-x 0 0; */ padding-bottom: 26px; } I also refreshed my Firefox cache.... Any ideas? Thanks Regards Greg
  18. Hi again, This is what I found and did. header .h_top { /* background: url(../img/top-bg1.jpg) repeat-x 0 0; */ padding-bottom: 26px; } It still displays the checkerboard....
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