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  1. Hi guys I'm trying to understand the .htaccess file and what it should contain. There appears to be an .htaccess file in the "prestashop" folder and a few other folders such as: prestashop/admin/import prestashop/admin/export prestashop/admin/backups Currently the "prestashop/.htaccess file is empty (does not contain anything) and the others have the following: Order deny,allow Deny from all Can somebody please tell me what they should contain if its different from what I already have?
  2. Were do I log bugs? I went to the bug tracking link here : http://forge.prestashop.com/secure/Dashboard.jspa and signed up and created a new issue, but when I select it displays an error message as per the attached screen shot.
  3. This issue is killing me!!! I have just successfully moved an entire Prestashop configuration from "www.domain.com/prestashop" to a new Host and domain, "www.domainnew.com/prestashop". Version Everything is up and running fine.....or so I thought. I went into the back end and created a new Category and tried to add an image but I get the error message saying "Image format not recognized, allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg, .png". I then tried this when creating a Product and the same error!!!!! I have also checked the permissions of the folder and they look fine. It is definitely a jpg file. I then tested it on the original "www.domain.com" environment and it works. What the hell is going on? I had this issue previously on version and had to totally reinstall from scratch and upgraded to Somebody please help!!!!
  4. Good question. It's just that I have already installed Prestashop in a its own folder and I would like to keep it there as all of its files and folders are stored in its own "environment". In my opinion, it makes backing up and management more straightforward. At this stage, I am not sure if this domain will have anything else installed on it at a later date that could accidently corrupt Prestashops files if they are installed in the root.
  5. So, All of these files need to be in the root? I don't mind if the customers see a folder called "www.domain.com.au/prestashop" in the URL at the top of the browser. I just want them to type in "www.domain.com.au" and be automatically directed to the "www.domain.com.au/prestashop"
  6. Hi guys, As an example, assume I have a domain called "domain.com.au" and I have installed Prestashop in "domain.com.au/prestashop/". Whilst I am testing, it fine to start it by typing in "domain.com.au/prestashop/". When I am ready to set it into production, can I leave Prestashop in its own folder and simply add some sort of index.html file or something in the www folder so that customers see my shop?
  7. That's what it looks like. Do you know where I can find a PDF version of the documentation?
  8. Hi guys I have been trying for the last 30 minutes to access the Prestashop documentation but keep getting either "Service Unavailable" errors or "Proxy Errors". I can access everything else. Also, can I download all of the documentation for 1.6 from somewhere? Thanks
  9. I just did some more testing and discovered that the latitude and longitude needed to be set in 2 places and in one of those places the latitude setting was missing the "-" in the front...
  10. Hi guys I have a white strip at the top of each page at I assume is some type of "header" where the "banner" can be displayed. Please see this screen shot: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0ec3fkhj75 It has the Cart within it. I would like to remove it and relocate the Cart down to the "grey shaded" area below and ideally move the "sign in" etc down a bit as well. Can somebody please tell me how to achieve this? Thanks
  11. Hi Vekia, The Import function would be fine if I had existing records to import. I am creating the records from scratch.
  12. Hi Guys I want to display a Google map showing the location of my store. I have added all of the information to the "Store Contact" form including the longitude and latitude etc. Please refer to that attached screen shot.(http://awesomescreenshot.com/0703fdhrfd). I just had another look and it appears to be sort of working. When I click "Our Stores", it changes the screen to the correct form then quickly flashes up the correct Google map in about 1/2 second then displays the following screen: http://awesomescreenshot.com/0553fdl405 I can't figure out what to do next?
  13. Hi guys I am entering all of the products and categories for a client's store. Many of the products have at least 75-80% the same or similar data in the records. Is there a way to copy and paste Products and or Category records to make the data entry easier? Thanks
  14. Hi Music Master. By "implementation error" do you mean "configuration error" I also have only a single carrier that is "enabled". The following is his summary: This carrier is not free and the delivery announced is: Pick up at Rod Penrose Racing. The shipping cost is calculated according to the price and the tax rule No tax will be applied. This carrier can deliver orders from 1.000000 $ to 1000000.000000 $. If the order is out of range, the behavior is to apply the cost of the highest defined range. This carrier will be proposed for those delivery zones I have attached some screen shots.....
  15. Hi Vekia I just did some more testing and it appears to be related to when you start your shop from the Back End. If I start it "normally" it works fine. If I start it from via the Back End "My Shop Icon" it does not work......
  16. I have just upgraded from to and when I first tried the Send to a Friend function it worked fine. I have since tried it again and I do not get the pop up any more and it does not work.... Has anybody got a solution to this?
  17. I just had another think and figured out that all I needed to do was to "unhook" it from the "Display Footer"! yeah!
  18. Hi guys I don't want to display the Product's "Data Sheet" on the Front End and can't figure how to disable it....
  19. Hi Guys Ok, here is the update on the upgrade from to All went well except for the following. I have a 3rd Party Theme that needs a minor adjustment that I am having trouble figuring how to do it. Can somebody please look at the attached screen shot and tell me what to do? Basically, the upgrade has added a list of Category's down the bottom of the page.... If I disable the Categories Block module I loose both the Left Column one that I want and the bottom of the page that I want to get rid of....
  20. Thanks El Patron The password (H6[P4.BsS6) in the config file is definitely not what I created. It is definitely encrypted somehow. There has to be a solution to this issue.
  21. Hi Guys, I have my production version of Prestashop in a folder called "presta1606". It is running of Prestashop. It is connected to a database called "presta_1" I want to upgrade to version So far this is what I have done: 1. Copied the "prest1606" folder and subfolders to a folder called "prestanew". 2. Export all ofthe records from "presta_1". 3. I created a new empty database called "presta_2" 4. I imported all of the tables into "presta_2". I did note that the "presta_1" had 284 tables and 22515 rows and "presta_2" only had 236 tables and 19103 rows)...any idea why the difference? 5. I edited the config/settings.inc.php file (see the following): <?php define('_DB_SERVER_', 'localhost'); define('_DB_NAME_', 'greghanl_presta2'); define('_DB_USER_', 'greghanl_presta2'); define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'H6[P4.BsS6'); define('_DB_PREFIX_', 'ps_'); define('_MYSQL_ENGINE_', 'InnoDB'); define('_PS_CACHING_SYSTEM_', 'CacheMemcache'); define('_PS_CACHE_ENABLED_', '0'); define('_MEDIA_SERVER_1_', ''); define('_MEDIA_SERVER_2_', ''); define('_MEDIA_SERVER_3_', ''); define('_COOKIE_KEY_', 'zrgrwsaorscmrjs0qwdb8bk0u56pom43yimeonmzr68ykcrbquesu7i2'); define('_COOKIE_IV_', 'nigmtcot'); define('_PS_CREATION_DATE_', '2014-09-01'); define('_PS_VERSION_', ''); define('_RIJNDAEL_KEY_', 'VdTdit6WBv2RJniHCaup3jYkqRTWKMT1'); define('_RIJNDAEL_IV_', 'I67uLal6gvEMqdl9eAn2Hg=='); But what do I put in the "define('_DB_PASSWD_', 'H6[P4.BsS6');" setting?????? It looks like the password is encrypted...
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