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  1. Hi guys I am starting to look at the Dashboard more closely and when I looked the the "Most Viewed" tab at the bottom, I'm not seeing anything? I was expecting to see which pages people were looking at.... Is there something not "switched on" or something else I'm missing??? I can see the "Top Searches" and "Recent Orders" Thanks
  2. Hi guys I have installed Prestashop in a folder under the root called "prestashop". It is all working fine except that I need to type in "mydomain.com/prestashop" to get to it. I understand that I can add some "code" to the htaccess file in the root that will automatically direct people to the "mydomain.com/prestashop" folder when they type in "mydomain.com". Can somebody please tell me how to achieve this? Also, whilst googling this issue I read some things about having and not having the "www" at the front of the domain name and that the htaccess file can assist with this issue as well....can somebody please elaborate for for? Thanks
  3. I too am having issues with the Cron task manager apparently not working........I used the link that was created when I did a manual recreation of the indexs....
  4. Hi Guys I have setup the Cron Tasks Manager module. How do I know if a task has run or not???? Is there a log somewhere? I checked the Prestashop log but can't find anything? Hmm, I just looked a bit more and there is a Last Executed" column that says "Never"...I was expecting the task to run at 22:00 last night....
  5. Hi Guys The Product Comment defaults to 3 stars, I want it to default to 5 stars...can somebody tell me how I can do this???
  6. I'm not sure what you are telling me to do. Can you please be more specific? Thanks
  7. Thanks again Dioniz, I also forced the text to UpperCase...
  8. Hi Dioniz, Thanks! I'll try this and let you know. Any suggestion regarding the Search box???
  9. Thanks mate! Just tried it... Your a star! Any ideas how to make the text bigger and darker in the Search and the Handy Links links to be the same as the Category links so everything looks the same? (I promise, these are the last favors I'll ask )
  10. Hi Paul Thanks....I don't know what's going on. I'll wait to see what happens when the shop goes live in a few weeks and see if I get any negative feedback... Thanks again for testing this for me, I very much appreciate it.
  11. Hi Dioniz I've done the changes and it works! Thanks again. The only issue is that the text "Handy Links" is too far to the left and does not line up with the order heading above it, "Categories"....I tried to just insert a few spaces using the space bar of the keyboard but no go....any ideas Oh, and the font is different...
  12. Hi guys I am setting up a new shop for a customer of mine and I had assumed that Prestashop can use a wide range of Payment Gateways (is that the correct terminology?). The shop will initially be used in a sort of Catalog mode and the customers can't add to cart etc but I want to be able to, in the future, have customers purchase a select range of products from the store and pay by Paypal and or Credit card or COD. What is needed for this to be configure etc? Can somebody tell me in a simple "bullet point" form? The shop is based in Australia ... Thanks
  13. Thanks mate. I'll give it a try and let you know how it works out. Thanks again for your help.
  14. hmmm, that's strange.....I tried it many times on Chrome and it didn't work....I have just turned on Smarty cache and normal caching and "recompile templates if the files have been update"...could that have fixed the issue? Have you tried it on IE? I just did on a client's PC and the issue is still there....
  15. Thanks Dioniz Am I changing the CSS file of the "Link Block" module???? I had a look at the various folders etc and can't seem to see what I need to be changing..... Could you please be more specific? Thanks a lot for your help.
  16. Hi Dionz Here's the link www.greghanley.com.au/prestanew/
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