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  1. Hi guys, Does this setting need to be set? If so, what do I need to tell my ISP or what do i put in the php.ini file???
  2. Hi again, I do not have Google Analytics installed. I have the product id in the URL as per the attached screen shot....this is the default that is created when I add a record... Also, what are these stats actually telling me and why does there appear to be a doubling up of a number of the records (I have marked them with arrows)???
  3. Sure, please tell me in Spanish and I'll use Google to translate....
  4. Hi What do you mean by "the URL pattern" isn't default? And when you say "I change this and remove the product and category id", what do you mean and how did you do this and does it now work?
  5. Hi guys When editing creating Product records in my database, I occasionally receive the following message when saving: This link_rewrite field is required at least in English (English) Sometimes there are other similar message saying that the Product must be attached to a Category even though it already is. Sometimes if I simple "resave" it it works fine, sometimes I need to changed some of the data and then save and its fine. Is this an issue I need to be concerned about? Is there something I need to do???? Thanks
  6. Try changing your default setting from 10 to 50 and see if you can see any data. I'm still not seeing any new data. Can somebody please explain the criteria/logic behind this functionality???
  7. Does anybody have the Cron tasks working correctly via the automated scheduler???
  8. Hi guys How can I have all of the Products displayed on the Front Office displayed the same size so that everything "lines" up? I have attached a screen shot. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the followup Paul, I was more thinking along the lines of specifically Prestashop backend related.: 1. Ensure that all contact details including emails are correct 2. turn on CACHING 3. Regenerate images 4. Update tags and meta title and descriptions 5. take complete backup of entire site 6.etc etc etc
  10. Hi, I have already done this but it still does not display everywhere correctly.
  11. Hi guys I'm going to be "flicking the switch" soon to have my shop go "live". Is there some sort of checklist that I could read to make sure that I have done what it required as far as configuration options etc (SEO, metatags etc)???
  12. Hi mate. I don't know why but I installed a trial version of Store Commander to see if I could add images using another tool other than the Prestashop back office and it worked! I could add images via both Store Cimmander and the back office. Try it and let me know.
  13. Hi guys, I just noticed that the date format for my back office was set to m/d/Y. I went into localization/languages and changed it to d/m/Y and whilst it changed it in a few spots, it didn't in others on the Dashboard....did I miss something? See the attached screen shot.
  14. What's the criteria for a product getting on the Most Viewed listing???? I'm doing some testing and am not seeing the products that I am "browsing" in the store...
  15. You're not going to believe this! It's now working! I had another look at the display and noticed that there is a "setting" icon. I selected it and changed the defaults from listing 10 to listing 50 and its works....I changed it back to 10 and it stopped working! Back to 50 and it works....
  16. Hi Nemo I just figured out what the issue was and unfortunately it was due to me being silly! I have a "bookmark" manager installed in my Firefox environment that displays a multi row list of my bookmarks when I hover at the top of Firefox. (see attached screen shot) When I was deleting the categories, I was not seeing the message that is displayed regarding any attached products..... Thanks for your help.
  17. Hi guys Is there a way to change the default from "Product name: A-Z" for the listing of products with a category on the Front Office to say, "Price: Lowest first"????
  18. Hi guys I have been setting up a new database and everything has bee going fine. For some reason that I can't explain, I have a number of categories that I can't seem to delete no matter what I try. Does anybody have any ideas?? Thanks
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