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  1. Hi guys When a new Customer registers initially and enters their name, address, birthdate etc. Is Prestashop supposed to be sending them an email confirming that they have joined etc? Or is there an option I need to turn on? Thanks
  2. Hi Vekia Does Prestashop use "curl" to do its checking? Are there any Back Office settings that need to be turned "on" in order for the update process to work?
  3. If I have a Prestashop Cron Job automatically creating a Google Site map and storing it in my root, do I still have to manually "resubmit" it via the Google Webmaster tools?
  4. Hi Cutmaster Well, I can assure you that's it's now working for me and "Dabluesfreak" and we both did the same thing therefore it must be related....
  5. Ok, I think I may have an idea of how to get the Prestashop Cron Task Manager working. I think you need to do thing in the following order: 1. Create all of your Cron tasks 2. Click on the "Advance" radio button and then "Save" it. 3. Click on the "Basic" radio button and "Save" it. I think it should now work. Let me know how you go.
  6. Your not going to believe this! I have had a Cron job setup in the Prestahop Cron task Manager for weeks waiting for it to "trigger" and run and its never worked. Just prior to replying to to your post I played around with it and saved it a few times and set it to run at a specific time...and it damn well worked! I'll try to figure out what I did exactly to get the thing to work... I'll keep you posted.
  7. Hi Nemo, I recently regenerate my Google Sitemap and resubmitted it. It said that there are 16 warning messages.....do I need to worry about these? Please see attached screen shot Hi Nemo, I recently regenerate my Google Sitemap and resubmitted it. It said that there are 16 warning messages.....do I need to worry about these? Please see attached screen shot
  8. Hi Dioniz, Once I got the max_input_vars set to 10000 I could change the translation for the BlockCms. problem solved! Thanks again.
  9. Hi guys I'm trying to make the "long description" of my Categories look nicer when displayed on the FO. I want to put blank lines between sentences. I am changing them in the BO and it looks fine, but it does not display correctly in the FO. I've attached some screen shots. Thanks
  10. Hi Dioniz, I tried looking tehre but there seems to be an issue with my max_input_vars setting and it keeps displaying a message telling me that I need to increase it even though my php.ini file is set to 10000. I've contacted my host provider to see if they can do something....I'll let you know the outcome.
  11. Hi Dioniz I can do everything except the "Our Stores" in the footer.....any idea where this is specifically???
  12. Hi Dioniz I was thinking that I could use translations but thought there was another method. I'll let you know how I go.
  13. Hi Guys I can't find anything in the BO to enable me to change the "Our Stores" menu description in the footer. I want to change it to "My Location".... and also the other text that I have arrowed in the attached screenshots. Can somebody point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  14. Hi guys Is there a simple way to provide the customer with a way to view all Products in every Category on the Front Office? I currently have set up numerous Categories and sub-categories and would like to have the new customer be able to browse the entire range of shop Products easily. I know that I could simply create another category called "Browse All Products" and attach every Product to it but I though that I would ask to see if there is already an existing "function" or facility withing Prestashop.
  15. Hi Nemo I'm trying to connect Google Analytics to the Dashboard and am following the instructions but I am getting this error. Any ideas?
  16. Hi Paulito Yep, I just cleared the Cache and it's working again! Thanks mate
  17. Thanks Paulito, I was sure that it was working correctly previously.....
  18. Hi guys I have just noticed this issue. I have just launched my site (www.rodpenroseracing.com.au) and everything is working well. I just noticed that when you start or "click" Home etc, that the section containing the "New Arrivals", "Popular" and "Featured" tabs, both the "New Arrivals", "Popular" tabs seem to be already selected (clicked) and that you can't click either of them. When you click "Featured", it all works fine again... Any ideas? I have attached a screen shot.
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