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  1. I don't understand your question...are you asking me what version of Prestashop I'm using... I have needed to Clear the cache on a number of occasions to resolve issues and I though that I would set up an automatic Cron Job task to run a Clear Cache on a regular basis...
  2. How do you "secure" it? Also, when I run it how do I know for sure it's actually working and clearing the cache?
  3. I'd also like to use the inbuilt Prestashop Cron Job module to automate the clearing of Smarty Cache....
  4. Ok, after having a think I finally solved this issue. I set "Template Compilation" to "Force Compilation" and cleared the Cache.....the "Sign Out" menu item returned! Yeah!
  5. I just figured out that the "Sign out" menu item in the MY ACCOUNT section of the footer is missing!!! Does anybody have any idea?
  6. Hi mate I also have this issue and am waiting for an solution. I think it may be due to my host blocking "curl" or something...
  7. Hi guys I want to provide a simple form popup to allow "guests" to qucikly provide me with some basic information so that I can build up a bit of a database to be used for sending out Newsletters..... I want name, email address and that's about it. Is there something already in Prestashop or is there a free module out there somewhere?? Thanks
  8. I created a new customer via the from office but can't see how I can signout/logoff.... I have disabled the Shopping cart as the website is just displaying products until I am ready to allow users to buy online. What am I missing???
  9. Hi Nemo If the Category what I wish to scroll through is called "Category 1" and there are products called "Prod1", "Prod2", "Prod3" etc up to "Prod10". Prod1 to Prod5 are only attached to Category 1. Prod5 and Prod6 are attached to Category 1 and also attached to Category 2 and have Category 2 as their default category. Prod7 to 10 are only attached to Category 1. If I scroll I will see all Products EXCEPT Prod5 and Prod6. I hope this helps.
  10. Hi Guiys I have "potential" Customers creating accounts on my shop waiting for me to start selling products. I assumed that I could easily send them either an individual email to a single Customer or better still, send na bulk email to all customers via the Prestashop backend. I now realise that add modules are used for the "bulk" emailing and that I will need to export the Customer details but surely there is a simple way to send a single Customer a single email via the Back Office??? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi Nemo I did a simple test and setup a new Category and created 5 products called "Product 1,2,3,4,5) and did a test and it worked correctly. I then checked one of my existing Categories and it did not display the products in the order that they are stored. It appears that this is due to the Products being linked to more than one Category. It ignores them and doesn't display them....
  12. Hi guys I'm sure there is a way to enable the customer to quickly see all of the Products that have a discounted price and or are marked with the On Sale flag....I just can't seem to figure out how... I have configured the Special Block module but it only displays a single Product...i want to be able to quickly see all products on Sale. Thanks
  13. Hi Nemo Thanks for this tutorial. I got it all working except that it is not displaying the Products in the desired order. I have sorted the majority of my Products, by default, on lowest price to highest price and that is the order they are displayed within the Category. Is there a simple way to "scroll" through the Products based upon the order in which they are displayed??? Also, how do I change the button colour and text colour so that I can match them to the colours of my theme? Thanks again.
  14. Hi Dan, I agree, it would be great if the editor could do this automatically but it looks like it can't at the moment and this is the only workaround I know of. Let me know if you find out anything else.
  15. Hi again Vekia, Have you had time to look at my back office to see why it isn't able to check for new version of the modules? I emailed you my credentials etc.
  16. Hi guys Where can I download the latest working version for Thanks
  17. Hi Guys, I have a simple question regarding Product Tags. If my Customers can use the Prestashop Search function to search my entire website for anything and it searches all of the text fields in all of the fields in all of the Products records and this enables them to product a list of Products that contain the "Search criteria", then what use or benefit are Product Tags???? Thanks for your answers.
  18. Hi Dan This is what I needed to do to get the formatting that I wanted: <p>Mounting tabs - Steel tabs for various applications , many different styles.<br /><br /></p> <p>Price is "from" price.</p> This gives me the spacing I required.
  19. Hi Vekia Is there a away to remove the counter on the highest level Category?
  20. Hi and thanks for the reply. I understand what you are saying and will do what you suggest.
  21. Hi guys I tried this and could not get it to work. I basically want to be able to insert blank lines between the paragraphs in a Product Description in the Back Office and have the blank lines displayed in the Front Office.
  22. Hi guys So, what would the new code look like without the "truncate"?
  23. Thanks Munchie, I was the Lateral who posted the solution... Thanks
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