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  1. Hi guys I have configured my Prestashop shop to display products only and not to allow people to actually purchase anything....this may happen sometime in the future. I am not using Catalog mode but instead have simply disabled the Cart and set "Available for Order" to off for all products. Everything works fine EXCEPT that it appears that if I have a product that has accessories attached to it, the accessories MUST have the "Available for Order" option set on otherwise it is not displayed..... Is there a way I can display accessories without turning on "Available for Order"? Thanks for your help. Regards Greg
  2. Hi Guys The CMS Block is being displayedin the footer of the Desktop theme correctly but when I look at the site (rodpenroseracing.com.au) on an Iphone, the CMS Block is not being displayed.... I have attached a few screenshots. Does anyone have any idea why this may be? Thanks Regards Greg
  3. I've implemented Zopim on our website and it works great!
  4. Hi guys I have a strange issue. I have 2 Categories that display on the Desktop version of my theme but not on the mobile version of the theme The link is : rodpenroseracing.com.au and the missing Categories are: AN Fittings & Braided Lines Browse All Products Does anybody have any ideas? I have recreated indexes, flushed cache and checked everything I can think of. I have also just created a new category and it doesn;t show on the mobile theme also.... Update: I just remembered that I also needed to add the new categories to the Top Horizontal Menu module.... Regards Greg
  5. Hi Paul That's it! Thanks mate We must be in the same timezone....I'm in Sydney...where are you located? Regards Greg
  6. Hi guys I want to be able to manually attach a range of custom "icons" to a Product in a similar way to how the "SALE" and "NEW" icons/banners are currently displayed for Products. I seem to remember that there is an add on module that can do this but I am having trouble finding it.... Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards Greg
  7. Latest update. I am making changes on my test system: http://greghanley.com.au/prestanew And I have almost solved this issue. The problem was due to the fact that sometime ago I must have deleted the Top Horiozontal Menu that is needed to be configured so that the mobile theme can display the Categories. I installed the Top Horiozontal Menu and hooked it to the Display Top position, configured it and I now have Categories being displayed for my mobile theme which is great news! The issue I have now is that when you press the Categories button with the "+" sign, the drop down list is displayed by quickly rolls back up.... I have tried various settings without luck... Any help please?
  8. Another update! I have the "Links Block" hooked to the Left hand column and it displays correctly on the mobile theme. I decided to unhook and rehook the Categories block to see if that made a difference but it didn't. I then repositioned the Categories Block with the Links Block to see if it was somehow positional related but this didn''t work as well. I am sure that it is something really simple that I just can't see...I need one of the Prestashop gurus to help me
  9. Hi Paul, I think the colours of the background was originally changed by the "Customisation Tool" that is displayed on the left hand side of the FO when you are also logged in on the BO.... So, I'm assuming that the reset somehow also resets any changes that were made via this tool?? This begs the question, where are these changes stored?
  10. Hi giys Here is the update on what I have found. I went to the Template Monster website to see if their demo of the theme that I purchased worked correctly on my Iphone....and it does! Here is the link: http://www.templatemonster.com/demo/50616.html So, somehow I have modified the theme and "disabled" the display of the Categories block correctly on a mobile device.... Thanks for any helkp you can give me...
  11. Hi Again Paul What happened when I "Reset" the "Categories Block" module? I compared the files in a very recent backup that I had just prior to me resetting the module and the change that I had to make that I mentioned in my previous post was not there, so I'm confused as to what actually happened....
  12. Thanks El Patron, Is there a good way of using my own Outlook without having my ISP blacklist me?
  13. Hi Paul I did flush the cache multiple times but it still remained red. I then found the theme1005/css/modules/blockcategories/ blockcategories.css and I changed the following code: #categories_block_left .title_block { font: 500 23px/24px "Roboto", sans-serif; color: black; text-transform: uppercase; padding: 12px 0 15px 18px; color: #fff; margin-bottom: 13px; background: #fea800; (this was #ff0000) overflow: hidden; border: none; } And the problem was fixed....
  14. Hi Guys I "reset" the Categories Block module in the BO and it created a bit of havoc with the FO theme but I have managed to fix up almost everything except the red background on the Categories title...please see the attached screen shot. It should be the same colour (Fea800) as the other title backgrounds..... I can't figure out how to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Regards Greg update - I found the categoriesblock.css file and changed it to fea800....all fixed...
  15. Hi Guys I am using a Theme from Template Monster and I am really happy with how it looks on a Desktop. The issue I have relates to when it is displayed on a mobile device such as an Iphone. Here is the shop address: www.rodpenroseracing.com.au I'm missing the list of Categories on the left hand side.... Can somebody please have a look and point me in the right direction? Thanks Regards Greg
  16. Hi guys I'm after a simple method to send emails to my Customers who have signed up to the Newsletter. I know that there are a few modules etc that interface with Mailchimp etc but I'm after an easier method as I only have a few hundred email addresses. I am not interested in tracking anything, I just want to send them a nice looking email every 6-8 weeks telling them about changes to my shop. Any ideas? Thanks Regards Greg
  17. Thanks Nemo I'll try this and let you know....I assume that I can do this through the Prestashop Back office SQL Manager??
  18. Hi guys I was looking around my Prestashop back office and was looking through the Help file regarding Friendly URL's etc and decided to check with my host provider if there server supported URL Rewritting. The following is their reply: Our all servers are mod_rewrite enabled. You will need to make corresponding changes in the .htaccess file to use mod_rewrite function. I then asked them what were the "corresponding changes" they referred to and this is their reply: You can contact your web developer to add mod_rewrite code in the .htaccess file. Your web developer will be in better position to assist you with it in this regard. However you can refer to the URL given below: https://www.addedbytes.com/articles/for-beginners/url-rewriting-for-beginners/ As this is all new to me, what am I actually looking for and is my HT-access file supposed to contain some parameters relating to url rewritting??? Thanks for any help and clarity you can provide...
  19. Hi I've decided to go with just using Google Analytics instead of trying to figure out whats happening with Prestashop....
  20. Thanks Nemo, I'll have a play around on my test site. I assume the method you suggested will work well if I want to add some fixed text such as "Copyright" information at the bottom of each Product Description but what it I want to add the information direct to the "Description" field so that I can then selectively edit 50 of the Products to slightly change the added text?
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