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  1. Hi I am trying to "delete" all of the Smartblog modules from my site but keep getting the following error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module smartblogtag: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/5-web/54/11/rodpenroseracing.com.au/public/www/modules/smartblog/smartblog.php' (include_path='/home/5-web/54/11/rodpenroseracing.com.au/public/www/tools/htmlpurifier/standalone:.:/usr/local/lib/php/__applications/:/home/chroot_bind/php/php5/usr/local/lib/php/') Why is th is happening??? I just also tried to update one the Wishlist nodule and I got the same error....what's going on?? Thanks for your help. Regards Greg
  2. Hi again. Can I change the Blog menu so that it is the same style as my other menu buttons?
  3. Thanks Can I install the module in my testing domain and live domain simultaneously? Also, are all updates free and lifetime.?
  4. Hi again. I don't want to display the actual posts just the main blog menu showing the categories etc Regards Greg
  5. I'm thinking that the htaccess method is probably better for me as I may accidentally leave Maintenance mode turn off and therefore the "bots" could get in!
  6. Thanks Kristian! I have attached a screenshot of my home page of my shop http://awesomescreenshot.com/01d45mxn04 It is a custom theme from Template Monster. Can I "place" the Blog menu under my existing list of CATEGORIES menu that is in the left column and use the same "style" so that the BLOG is white text on an Orange button? Regards Greg
  7. Hi El Patron Why would it be better? Are you saying that the htaccess method doesn't block everything? Regards Greg
  8. Hi Krystian Can you please post a link so that I can see what the "post to product" function looks like? Your module looks great! Does the module have a "Search"option so that users can search all of the post for something specific? Regards Greg
  9. Hi Guys I have a testing shop domain that is a duplicate of my production shop domain and although I had thought that I had set up the robots.txt file correctly, somehow Google found the testing site and indexed it. I has subsequently setup my htaccess file to password protect the entire site. Will this definitely stop ALL bots from searching and gaining access to my test shop domain? Thanks for your help. Regards Greg
  10. Hi, I did install the smartblog first and then the other modules...I have also sent you a PM with all of the information you need. Regards Greg
  11. Thanks for that! I downloaded all of the zip files and installed all of them. I then started to have a play around with modules and could see the Blog menu displayed in the left hand column under my existing Categories menu in the Front Office with posts etc. The back office was clearly displaying all of the installed modules/ I then closed down the back office and front office. I then started the Front Office again and noticed that the Blog menu was no longer being displayed! I then went into the back office and the only module that was being displayed in the Modules section was the Smart Blog v2.0.1...all of the other modules have disappeared and the changes I made to the configuration had also reverted.....
  12. Hi Can you please confirm the following: 1.that the latest version of your Smartblog is V2.0.2? 2.the last update was 9/9/2014 3.and that I download it from the very 1st post? Thanks Regards Greg
  13. Hi again Vekia, I am trying to incorporate an AJAX based form that I got free into a Pop Up Pro Pop up and have it "sort of working" but am running into a few issues. Can you please have a look and point me in the right direction? It appears that I can't use the "X" to close the pop up...and it doesn't like the "<!doctype html>" tag.... I have configured one of the pop ups so that it displays on the homepage... www.greghanley.com.au/prestanew Thanks for your help... Regards Greg
  14. Also, Is it possible to use Pop Up Pro to display a "Contact Form" that the user can use to fill in their name, address, phone number and other bits of information and then they press a "SEND" button that sends all of the information to a predefined email address such as the shop owner? Regards Greg
  15. Hi Vekia, I posted this in your http://cart-help.com forums some weeks ago: Hi Vekia, I think the option to disable the displaying of the popup for the Mobile theme is broken. Even though I set it to "No", the popup is still being displayed on the mobile.....I haven't tested the tablet theme.... (Version Regards Greg
  16. Hi Guys I need to enable Customers to enter some special delivery details as part of the Checkout process. For example, the information might relate to them telling me to leave the parcel on the front verandah or on the rear porch or with the next door neighour etc. Is there a way to do this? Regards Greg
  17. Hi guys, I've seen a number of demo's where when the customer presses the "Add to Cart" button, the Product image "flys" into the shopping cart......how is this done???? Like this: http://prestashop.vekia.pl/product.php?id_product=6 Thanks Regards Greg
  18. Hi guys I am using the "Email Alerts" module to have Prestashop send me an email every time a customer checkouts. This is working fine. Except that the text in the "Additional Information" field of the Address is not being sent as part of the email. How do I change the email that is sent to include this text? Regards Greg
  19. Hi Anto, Where can I find this "Alertes email" module???? Regards Greg
  20. Hi guys I would like my customers to add products to the Shopping Cart and when they checkout an email duplicating the email that the customer is automatically sent to also sent to the Shop admin email address....is this somehow possible? Regards Greg
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