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  1. Update: Found that PS does not actually set VAT to all enabled countries by default, added those to the tax rules manually. However, I don't think this is the issue
  2. Hi! I have encountered a strange bug, which occurs quite rarely but is very annoying. And now I am even getting complaints from customers, which makes me sad! Ok, for the bug - Customer visits any page with from a link (i.e. Facebook post or Google result) The store is configured to always show tax, everywhere tax is enabled. No option to buy without tax However, customer on the landing page will see ALL the items without tax. It is the same for 0-3 page clicks and tax is added after a page reload, than it goes away. Please help me find the problem! EDIT PS version, Cache is disabled(otherwise we use APC), all taxes are set for all possible countries.
  3. Hi! Just updated my webshop to Update went flawlessly, with no errors etc. (used 1-click). However, just after admin panel started to work back - no submenus, no graph in dashboard and Save buttons are in eternal loading. Frontend works fine, ordering works fine. This is only an issue in admin. No errors in dev mode. I believe it should be connected to loading of Jquery, but Firefox DEV doesn't show any errors and miss-links.
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