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  1. Thanks for taking the time to post. I'm already signed in with my Addons account and that doesn't change anything. It looks like the modules presented on the Module Catalog page are the ones that are installed in the modules directory, but which are not enabled. What should be the source for these modules? DB? External web service? - Niels
  2. I've a pretty stock PrestaShop installation and I want to install the Legal Compliance module. When I visit the Module Catalog tab I only see two modules listed. Every search I do turns up empty. How can I reset the "index" for this search as it doesn't seem to make a remote call. See attached screenshots for more details. Thanks for any help! - Niels PS: I tried downloading the zip-file from the releases page on GitHub, but I get an upload error when I upload this to PrestaShop. I assume this zip-file is not in the correct format to upload via the backend.
  3. Yes, I need to make quotations in the BO. I don't want to make an order for every request for a quotation I receive. I would like to be able to create a quotation and send it as a PDF to the customer. - Niels
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is a module available to create a quotation in the backend which can be turned into an order. The only modules I seem to be able to find are modules that give the option to customers to request a quote. However this is not the functionality I need. - Niels
  5. Nadat ik een e-mail (in_transit) had bewerkt mbhv de Vertalingen module in de backend zijn nu alle e-mails die vanuit de backend worden gestuurd leeg. E-mails die naar klanten gaan lijken nog steeds te werken. Het gaat o.a. over de e-mails die verstuurd worden wanneer er een bestelling is geplaatst of een product niet langer meer op voorraad is. Iemand een idee waar het fout loop en hoe ik dit kan rechtzetten? Ik heb gecheckt ofdat alle e-mail bestanden nog in de juiste directories staan (mails, themes/my_theme/mails) en ofdat deze de juiste rechten hebben (chmod) en ofdat ze wel degelijk inhoud bevatten. Alles lijkt echter OK te zijn. - Niels
  6. For me it was also a problem of long meta descriptions. Simply run the following query against your database to find out which products are "impacted": SELECT * FROM ps_product_lang WHERE CHAR_LENGTH(meta_description) > 160; Cheers - Niels
  7. I "fixed" this issue by running a SQL statement which deducted 7.50 € from all shipping costs. This seems to "fix" the problem in the frontend. However, if I create an order in the backend (manual) order the shipping cost is wrong (-4,125 €). So the mysterious 7.50 € is only added to orders on the backend. I would really really like to get rid of this issue as I don't know when it "magically" would correct itself again and people will start getting discounts because of negative/low shipping fees. - Niels
  8. OK, I've found some more information: Sending to Zone 1 = 4,95 €, but 14,02 € is charged Sending to Zone 2 = 10,95 €, but 20,02 € is charged When deducting the correct fee from the calculated fee you get 9,07 (which is 7,4958 without 21% VAT). So it looks that an additional 7,49 (or 7,50) excl. VAT is added to the shipping cost. In the Carrier Preferences the Handling fees are set to 0. What else can be configured to be added to the shipping cost? - Niels
  9. I've been running a webshop for some months now and since today I've a very weird problem. I've a carrier configured that costs 4,95 €, but on checkout it shows 14,02 €. This is what is produced in the output of the checkout shipping page: <input id="delivery_option_102_0" class="delivery_option_radio" type="radio" name="delivery_option[102]" data-key="67," data-id_address="102" value="67," checked="checked"> If I check the database I clearly see that the delivery record with id_range_price = 102 and the correct id_zone has a price configured of 4,090909 € (excl. 21% VAT) which should result in a shipping price of 4,95 € (incl. 21% VAT). I have no idea where the additional costs are from. I have not set any handling costs whatsoever. Also, the fact that this happened out of the blue is a bit strange too. Any ideas how I can start debugging this issue? - Niels
  10. I did cancel a paid order and thought it created a credit slip automatically, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Then I tried the refund button, but I forgot to check the credit slip option (as it states "Create card card slip" and that confused me). Now I'm unable to create a credit slip anymore for that order. Any idea how to do this or what field to reset in the database to enable the refund option again? Thanks! - Niels
  11. Is there really no one who can give me directions? I can't imagine that others didn't move or duplicated the Newsletter Block on different positions. - Niels
  12. I'm trying to figure out how to move (or duplicate) the Newsletter Block to the header region. I'm using a copy of the default-bootstrap theme and all positions are still "stock". When I check the Positions page in the Modules section I can find the Newsletter Block under "displayHeader". But I don't understand how I can make it visible. I've tried playing with the positions in the past and I screwed up so bad I had to start over from a fresh install. Any suggestions on how to get started? - Niels
  13. You sir, are my hero! This was the golden tip! So to recap: put the CSS files in the following folder: /themes/your_theme/modules/themeconfigurator/css Thanks again, dioniz!!! - Niels
  14. Thanks for the answer. This is what I came up with too when I realized I was not doing it the same way as with the other modules. However... This does not seem to work. It's still the original CSS file that is included instead of the one that should override this CSS. - Niels
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