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  1. I can not find the /img/tmp folder , the img folder is there with lots of other files
  2. I'm using the default theme and the error comes when loading logo to carrier in the shipping section
  3. I have for the 20+ time done a fresh install on clean fresh hosting and when I tried to load images I get this error. Impossible to resize the image into PLEASE HELP!
  4. I have just done a fresh install and got this Any Help please
  5. Hi again I have check and it is as follows firstname lastname company address1 address2 city postcode Country:name phone phone_mobile the text input box for Compant is still missing Kind regards Paul
  6. In the back office customer/addresses section I have unticked the company field as a required parameter. I unticked all as a test . The check out will go through but the text entry box is still missing and I need it because we deal with mainly small businesses. Kind regards Paul
  7. I am using the standard template. It is the pages Where you enter name address email etc It is just missing from the front office. Many thanks
  8. Dear All I have the latest version of Prestashop installed. When a customer goes to check out the company field is missing from the front office and will not allow the order to progress. I get the error message "company field required! But the field is missing in the front office. ps I haven't changed a thing. Kind regards Paul
  9. On the registration pages I get the following error. There is 1 Error(s): company is required.But there is not a field visible for "company" Please see the attached PDF of the screenshot. Kind regards error.pdf
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